I get swept up by the sky sometimes
swept up and kept up
in bleached blue,
a printmaking scene

with tanlines, I'm
baby brown, blue girl
staring at airplanes
with music in my ear
tinny from the outside but inside it's
a soundtrack to the sky

(are you as blue as me
do you like the idea of healing
the haze of clouds and the
heights of happiness they bring?)

underneath your skin
that thick layer, the earth's crust
blood flowing, blue like water
and steady like the sky
(is it the other way around?)
do you pulse sometimes
at certain scenes that make your skin jump
your veins like vines and your heart lurching
in your chest, could I lay my head there and feel it?
do you heal slowly like me
wish for more like me
do you lay on your back and stare at the sky like me
staring at airplanes
(you'll never be on)
music in your ear
(to block out the world;
tinny from the outside but inside its
a soundtrack to the sky?)

are you secretely a disaster
like me? s h a k i n g& q u a k i n g,
me and you could still our fears
underneath the blue
until it turns black and stars quiet us