I'm waiting

Waiting to see if it's me

Waiting to see if it's my turn

Waiting to see if tonight I die

They just picked out my mother

They call my father to go too

Now they are crying together

Clutching at each other

Realizing that they're going to die

We need to be quiet

Or we'll get picked out to

I try to keep my little sister silent

But she starts to cry

Tears streaming


Down her face

They take her too

Put her with mother and father

She stops crying

And just hugs them

She doesn't know

That tonight it ends

Tonight she will be killed

By tomorrow she'll be dead

And as they're led away

I can't believe

That I'll never see them again

Never ever again

I'm the only one left

I'm the only one alive

Alive for another night

Until tomorrow when they come

Come to choose more people

More people they choose

They come to kill more people

More people they kill

I'm all alone

The only one left

The only one left

Just waiting to die