He tells you,

With his shaggy hair and sunkissed skin,

That he can offer you the sky.

He entreats you with earnest eyes

To take his hand and dance.

And all I have to give are broken promises.

He tells you he can give you the world.

I have a faded bracelet and memories of better times.

I am liar and he's never lied to you.

But his eyes shine too brightly,

His smile is too coy,

And you can't see what's in front of you.

You never could.

That's why you always came back to me.

I have a tarnished halo and wilted roses,

And you've always deserved more.

He has kind eyes and gentle hands,

And you can't see the horns.

I am not worthy of you.

But, sweet lily who once was mine, neither is he.

And I'll be here,

With all my wilted bouquets,

When you realize that and run back to me.

As you will.

He offers you the sky,

With his silky smile.

That's his first lie.