The Hand Holding you Down
by: trista groulx

Strange how it sometimes works
You just don't see the truth
The person who you embrace
Can be the one thing holding you back
And with each action you feed it
The hand gets only stronger
While you refuse to see it
The truth written clearly in it's eyes
That which you feel must embrace
Is the one thing keeping you down
Below your lowest low
While you play the fool
Thrashing at demons and ghosts
And begging for that hand
The one which keeps you down
Until you break yourself free
You will never see it
That which you desire so
Has become that which holds you down
Not because of the person
Not because of his hand
But for the fact you won't see it
It will keep you so low
Until you allow yourself to break free
That hand will hold you down
The strength must come from within
And will shock you with it's power