You said I could see your shadow in the window
Right next to my house and right out of my room
But you drifted away and now there's no point
Because now all that I can see in your room is your gloom
Three years ago we finally found someone
With who we'd share our laughter and our tears
But after your downfall, and all of your struggles
Who ever guess that you'd just disappear
You called out to me
I wish you'd only used words
From my window I couldn't see
And these memories hurt
I couldn't have saved you
Even if I had wanted
So now staring at that window
Has left me nothing but haunted
They say it's not my fault
That it was out of my sight
If I had only seen it coming
You know I'd have put up a fight
I've tried to erase this
But I'm only losing hope
For inside of that window
You hung by a rope