Jamilah Golver rummaged her purse for her car keys. This event was guaranteed to happen once a day every day, so it was to no avail that she had to stop in front of a random vehichle and search for her keys. The Florida sun was toasting her face. Small sweat beads began to form near her temples. She stopped at a jet black Cadillac Escalade with tinted windows sitting on 20 inch rims. Nice. Maybe somebody will think its mine. She thought to herself with a small chuckle. Yet in reality, she could only own an Escalade in her wildest dreams. Her life was a lot more like her purse; a mess filled with clutter and in total need of a make over. She placed her purse on the cars' front. Where the heck did i put them?

Lord only knows why he made Florida so hot. People were so grouchy and mean because of the damn heat. Florida can't even catagorize itself with the south. Southerns at least have hospitality. Florida on the other hand has mosquitos, rain, and South Beach. Today in particular had been one of the hottest days ever created. Jamilah could've sworn she saw Satan twice. Still shuffling through her hand bag for her keys she wiped the sweat off her forehead. How gross.

"Excuse me Miss I got to get in my car." a voice came from behind Jamilah. She turned to see a very attractive Latin male with an impatient expression on his face. Yeah yeah Jose it's just as hot for me.

"I'm sorry, I was just here looking for my keys." she answered embarrassed bringing her head down in shame. Here she was laying on some successful business man's car like it belonged to her. If Jamilah happened to be 5 shades lighter you could probably see her blush. Thankfully God blessed her with a beautiful honey complexion; it camoflauged the rush of blood in her face.

"I think its there in your hand." he stated quite matter-of-factly. Jamilah glanced at her hand and saw her house keys. She decided to go along with it though, so she could make an exit. He didn't seem like the type to be corrected anyways.

"Ha, yeah well there they are, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to get in your way." Now where were her real car keys? They were still lost in the abyss of her purse somewhere.

"Likely story." sarcasm oozed out of those words. Was he suspicious of her? Did he think she was trying to steal his car?

"What's that supposed to mean?" Jamilah brought her face up to meet the man square in his eye. He knew nothing about her and all he had was speculation. Seemed like a likely story alright; The struggling black girl trying to steal the rich man's car.

"I'm just saying, now you decide to look for your keys when the car owner comes near you. Sounds a bit fishy to me" he answered shrugging his shoulders

"I'm not even trying to steal your...eh You know what." she waved her hand in his face to fan him off "Whatever, I don't have tim e for this." She stormed away quickly to find her Honda Civic and get away from the situation. How dare he, that idiot! I mean, I know it looked bad, but he didn't have to say that. I bet he's calling the police just to make sure I didn't touch anything on his car. Why are rich people such snobs. Why do some people just got to have their panties in a twist all the....Oh my gosh! All of a sudden Jamilah's hand was breaking her fall. Her heel broke and she was is in the middle of the street like a Grandma who just lost her walker. She didn't want to turn to see if that jerk had seen her so she just got up and pressed on to find her car. Finally at the end of the longest walk of shame she got to her car and saw it. Her stomach dropped. Voila! There in her ignition were her keys. Car doors locked and all. She pulled out her cell phone to call her mom who was only going to make matters worse by yelling at her for how stupid she could be for locking herself out of her own car. She banged her hand against the car door.

"Hey, get in, I'll give you a ride." The Escalade crept next to her. She sure as hell wasn't going to get a ride from him.

"No, I'm fine." What did he want to do with her anyways. He barely missed cursing her out now he wants to be the good samaritan and give her a ride.

"You sure?" There was a soft pause after this question. Jamilah wanted to run into his car the heat was killing her.

"Um, sure." Florida sun will make you do some crazy things.

"So you're having a bad day huh? I almost felt bad for you when you fell but considering that you stormed off like it didn't phase you I didn't help you up. I just laughed. What's your name."

"Jamilah. Yeah that was real hilarious. So why are you giving me a ride anyways? You riding me down to the police station?" At this point it wouldn't make a difference her day had been so bad.

"I didn't think you were stealing. I was joking with you. You pretty girls are real catty, and by the way my name is Anthony." Jamilah bit her tongue. He just complimented her and called her catty at the same time. How do you say thank you to that?

"Well, not everyone can just be rich and happy and drive Escalades." she joked with him. Anthony grinned causing her to smile back.

If only Jamilah knew how beautiful she was to him, she might have noticed why he went after her after she left. If only she knew that this moment in the car with him would be the beginning of a beautiful love story. If only she knew.