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Cookie laid back into the chair of the Ford Mustang. She blinked and sighed, she was a princess on her home world, until the Pulse flung people from all over the universe through space. Her ears twitched and she scratched them. The only good thing was that she had her friends.

There was Samahi, a black skinned warrior cyborg with a golden eye patch metal thingie. She wasn't good much for a laugh, but she was sincere, and a very good cook. That was good, because the calico colored cat girl couldn't cook for beans.

Then there was light green haired, Angel O'Hare. Why she had two names, Cookie could not figure out, but she didn't bother to ask. She said that she was from the twenty first century of her world of Earth, and a member of a music group. She was much more fun than Samahi, and excellent for laughs. She was good at practically jokes, loved music, and was fun getting into tickle fights with.

It was Angel's Mustang that they were in, somehow the Pulse had flung it, along with the girl at the same time, an amazing feat, as most machines were not affected by the Pulse. It was light purple, completely up to date, but low on gas, and here they were on some desert planet.

Still they were together, had been for four months now. "Can't we play the tunes?" Cookie asked.

"We have no idea what kind of creatures live on this world," Samahi said. "It might attract them, and we could be in trouble."

"We could at least get something to eat," Angel said with a bob of her head. She pushed her glasses which were always slipping down her nose, and looked at her friends. Before the Pulse her mates were the only company she had, and they really didn't hang that much. Using her hand to also pull down her purplish pink, Girl's Rock shirt, she looked straight ahead. "I'm sure there are people somewhere!"

"Totally," Cookie said. "Come on this planet is kinda boring, there has to be some reason why the Pulse sent us here."

"The Pulse keeps moving us from one place to the next, it's just an accident. Why do you think it would even be sending us here on a mission or something?" Samahi asked. She wore a sleevless metal garment, which also expose some of her belly, and long shorts.

"No one said that we were sent on a mission Sam," Angel said, she smiled as the cyborg grimaced at her nickname. "Just relax and…,"

"Angel!" Cookie cried! Her friend turned to look forward and screamed, swearving to stay away from a racing animal with black scales and a long horn on its nose. It looked like a mix between a rhino and a bird, mixed with a Kamodo Dragon.

The Mustang squealed as if in pain, the green rays of the planet's sun illuminating their faces of terror as it capsized. Samahi quickly took the two in her arms, used her foot to bust open a door, and leapt out, rushing away from the vehicle before it exploded.

She gently put her friends down in the cool, soft sand, and turned to face the raging animal, who looked seriously pissed that it had not killed them. "You will go no further," she growled.

"Sam," Angel said weakly.

"Do not talk," Samahi said, her muscles tightening as the beast examined her. She smiled, one of the rare times she did, and turned back to the beast. "Bring it." The cyborg examined the animal too, using her cyberconetic eye, and blinked, no weak spots she could see, this was serious.

The animal sniffed and shook his head, roaring in opposition before rushing forward. Samahi bent down, and rushed forward, dodging its horn, and clutching its head. Using her muscles, she turned it to the side, and smirked as it slowed down, but it did not do any good, it shook her off, and roared yet again, brown gray sand rocking under its feet. He rushed forward and leapt up, Samahi narrowly brushing it aside, feeling skin and claw pierce her flesh. She screamed and went down for a second. This was not going to end well, but she had the other two to protect. Her … friends. Friends, that was an odd word for her.

The animal charged again, and a flash of movement dashed forward and hit the thing, bringing it down. Within a few minutes a young man with long gray hair and blazing brown eyes had finished the thing off, and turned to look at her.

New feelings emerged in her, he was… good looking, and had done something she could not. She blinked again, and swayed, it was then she realized that the rays of the planet was getting to her, they were hotter than she's thought. The next thing she knew, she was falling into darkness, and the man rushed to catch her.

"Careful," she heard him say. His voice, so familiar, and warm. Why? And why was it happening like this? Could she trust this man? What about the girls, who'd look after them?

Samahi blacked out, and when she was awake, found herself in a bright blue room, her friends smiling up at her. "What happened?" she asked.

Angel took her by her hand, and helped her up, leading her to a window where she saw a massive city made of glass. Her jaw dropped, she'd seen it before, but she never thought she'd ever see it again. It was a city that belonged to an enemy tribe before the Pulse. It was Avalon.

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