Authors Notes: This is co-authored by A-Flower-is-Meant-to-Die and Derek57, so basically, we put both of our ideas into this. It took a while to get this together, but it should hopefully be as successful as we intended! It was difficult to open the story, but we thought something a little mysterious would do nicely. We hope you like it; a lot of hard work has been poured into making this a good read.

Summary: Kamisuki has had the gift of foresight for all sixteen years of his life; he knows how to use it. But as a whole new set of emotions distort Kamisuki's world, his power becomes less reliable and suddenly he becomes a normal boy...Love really DOES make us blind...

The Future isn't so Bright

Chapter 1 - Gifted

"The future is a funny thing; there is nothing we can do to control the outcome of everything life throws at us."

"Some people use initiative, others may rely upon instinct, most will learn from their own mistakes. However, amongst the many beings on this Earth, living their pitiful, darkened lives, are a select few that have an insight into life's events before they occur."

"That lucky handful of people that will always know what to do; they will always get it right. It is a mystery as to how this works."

"But this isn't just coincidence or luck…this is a gift."

"The future is unpredictable, but these fortunate few can foresee scenes far into the distant future that has yet to unfold its wings to others. They know which path to take; they encounter other people's emotions and lives in their futuristic world."

"I know of this gift…"

"I have it."

"Oh, Kam, you aren't writing another story are you?" came a rather chirpy but mildly exasperated voice. Kam heard the bedroom door close behind him with soft thud and gentle footsteps could be heard making their way cautiously across the room.

Kamisuki whizzed round, but was hardly surprised to see who was talking to him. It was Mikuchi; he was always here on Fridays.

"Oh, hey there, and no, I'm not writing another story!" Kamisuki flicked his rough black hair out of his eyes as Mikuchi grabbed a chair and sat down next to him.

"Oh," Mikuchi smirked "writing love-letters then are we?" Kamisuki's reaction was always priceless to such a remark as this; a scowl and a pathetic kick on the shin. Mikuchi didn't give a wince as he was so overridden with laughter.

"Chill out Kam, it's the weekend." He reached over and ruffled the young teens hair in a brotherly sort of way. Kamisuki waved his hand, indicating for Mikuchi to leave him alone and continued with his writing.

After a few minutes silence, Kamisuki ripped apart the piece of paper and discarded it in a waste paper bin at his feet. He put his head down on the table and growled.

"Finding it difficult to get your feelings across?" Mikuchi asked with another sly grin. "I know, writing letters to all MY fans isn't easy. '

"Mik, have you come here to insult me or to help me sort this out?" Kamisuki glowered at his friend who was now helping himself to sweets. Kamisuki sighed and leant back on his chair. "If this isn't sorted, it's my butt on the line." He issued a tired sigh.

"What did I just tell you to do? I told you to chill. Now hand me a pen…I'll just think of something" Mikuchi said lazily as he held out his hand to receive. He leant back again and put the pen to his lips.

"Mik, this is serious. I'll leave you to think while I go outside." He received an unimpressed "tch" from his friend but left the room all the same.

He opened the front door as quietly as it would allow him and stepped outside. It was a clear autumn evening and a refreshing icy breeze swept its way over Kamisuki's slight body. He put his quivering hands up to his head and closed his eyes; allowing the glazed moonlight to illuminate his body on the dark street.

This was when his gift was strongest; when Kamisuki was allowed to concentrate.

"Tell me, how do I do this?" he whispered to himself as to not be overheard by Mikuchi. A slight tingle slid down his spine and he opened his eyes. The light of the hazy gibbous moon blinded him and he made his way hastily back inside.

He had the answer.

It had never failed him.

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"Mik! Mik!" Kamisuki burst into the bedroom to see Mikuchi swinging on his chair with a few mismatched ideas scribbled down on the paper on the desk.

Kamisuki watched as Mikuchi looked up; his swaying black hair swirling about his pointed face and his deep, expressive dark blue eyes met his.Mukuchi had a body to die for; neatly broad shouldered and a slim waist; Mikcuihi was a real 'ladies man'.Kamisuki and Mikuchi had been close lifelong friends.

Mikuchi lowered the paper and sat up straight as Kamisuki approached with a delighted smile pinned across his lips.

"Okay Kam, hit me with it." It took a while for Kamisuki to decipher what he was referring to.

"Oh, well, I was thinking, this school project on human rights isn't going well is it? I mean, we've been working on it for…what, three weeks and I have no ideas…"

Mikuchi couldn't see where this was headed. True, their project was failing considerably with each passing day…

"What about equality?" Suggested Kamisuki. "You know…as in…like…" He watched as Mikuchi's usual expression of "Man, I haven't a care in the world!" became blank.

"No, dude, I'm afraid you've totally lost me." Mikuchi got up with a grumble and grabbed his bag. "I'll see you soon Kam."

"What!?" Kamisuki screamed, "You can't just leave me!"

"Hey, no worries, I know you, you'll come up with something." Mikuchi stifled a yawn and watched his friend slump onto the bed.

"You ass. This is so unfair." Kamisuki said with a failing smile but Mikuchi couldn't tell whether he was being sarcastic or serious; it was always difficult to tell with Kamisuki.

"Okay, bye!" Mikuchi wasted no time in exiting from Kamisuki's now rather grouchy presence; he knew Kamisuki had a temper and a half. He closed the door hastily behind him and listening as the other teen muttered something inaudible to himself.

He didn't know what it was about Kamisuki but despite being Mikuchi's life-long friend, he had always felt somewhat detached from him. Kamisuki always had moments of brilliance that seemed to spark from nothing. Although, when working with Kamisuki on a project or the like, he always knew what he was doing, even if it took a while for an idea to strike and hit home.

Despite his short visit, Mikuchi was tired and so left without another word.

"Tch, equality my ass" he mumbled to himself as he paced down the street back home. "Why should I bother? He knows what he wants to do anyway. And If I'm right, Kam won't back down."

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Back inside, Kamisuki was furious with himself and his best friend. Mikuchi often just left him to it; it was hard to get him to give a worthy contribution sometimes.

"This is hopeless! All you gave me was the word 'Equality'." Kamisuki yelled at himself as he thudded his head down on the desk again. He often spoke to himself like this.

He was too wrapped up in himself. He couldn't think so he looked over at Mikuchi's rejected notes and issued a sigh. It was just a drawing. A worthless doodle.

"Oh, help me." He moaned.

Suddenly something unusual came over him like he was being possessed by an indescribable entity. He felt dizzy and his stomach gave a jolt making his feel sick and collapse like a rag-doll over his desk. His world faded and thuddedinto darkness; he lost all feeling in his body…

He could hear his own weeping voice in his head…he could literally feel the words vibrating inside his mind…it felt like a bomb about to detonate.

"I thought I could see it all, but the minute you came into my life like this, I became blind…"

Authors Notes: We thought it would be a good idea to throw you in at the deep end. This isn't a very descriptive chapter in terms of characters, surroundings, life etc. but we rather liked the idea of you getting a good insight as to their relationship and Kamisuki's gift. I'm pleased with this chapter. A big cheer to Derek57 too; you've worked well on this!

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