A/N: It's taken so long for me to get this back up and running! It's from the veiw of the Yuu Chrysos (hence the title) so don't worry if you think I'm going a bit odd; it's meant to be that way. And seeing that Yuu has a somewhat more feminine physique, I thought I would exaggerate it more by the way he speaks and acts. He still scares me.

Aww, poor little guy. I swear at that point I could see his little figure shaking. Maybe he really wasn't comfortable with the whole hand thing? I pulled my palm off his dainty little hand and clasped my own together. He was looking straight at me with those endearing dark blue eyes of his and I couldn't help myself but smile. The little guy looked petrified of me, not that I found this a good thing of course.

And he never answered my question either. Oh my, maybe I more that shocked him a little! But I seriously expected him to figure it out; he's a smart kid.

"Kamisuki? Are you okay?" I asked him while his eyes were still locked with my gaze. He shuffled a little and he gave me a cute little nod of uncertainty. I could tell he was still a little beside himself with shock.

Maybe he already knew who had caught my eye. Oooops! Did I make it that obvious!? I guess I gave it away a little too easy then. It's weird…I mean, I have only known the guy for a couple of weeks and I'm really obsessed with him!

Along with half the other girls in the school…

Mikuchi was dreamy. He had the most handsome face I had ever lay my eyes on. His perfect lips and even-tanned complexion; that mysterious yet playful expression. I couldn't resist his well toned figure, his tall masculine form but his surprising gentleness, that soft dark hair that could never be tamed yet still it remained its adorable and handsome scruffiness. But best of all were his eyes. They brightened the shadowy features of his; pale sapphire blue orbs that gleamed brilliantly whenever he flashed that charming smile.

I truly wanted him as my own…but I knew it was going to be intricate. However, I have been keeping all these thoughts locked up to myself and I just want somebody to talk to about it. I kind of thought that Kamisuki would understand, you know? Surely the little guy had noticed how gorgeous Miku was too?

"Hey, Kami?" I hissed as lightly as I could, inviting him to converse. He blinked up at me slowly and suspiciously as he snapped back to reality. He often drifts off.

"Uh…yeah?" He muttered.

'Okay' I told myself as I inhaled heavily. 'I'm going to tell him how it is…plain, simple…easy.' I looked to the ceiling 'My, this is going to be tough…'

"Yes?" Kamisuki prodded.

"Uh…uh…is Miku single?" I asked. My, that sounded so lame, not to mention way too indicative that my interests were in Miku. From his reactions, I think he understood my intentions.

He gulped and mumbled a quick riposte of "yes". Maybe he was hoping I wouldn't hear him and change the subject. I didn't anyway.

"You mean, Miku isn't with anyone?" I urged as I leant in. Bad call. I saw his eyes quiver and I resumed my original position again. I had unnerved the little guy enough for one day already.

Again, a hasty "yes" as Kamisuki ripped apart the sorrowful remainders of his food. He was really fidgety.

I know, I have this stupid habit of smiling all the time, but I just can't help it! I could feel the corners of my lips lift into a contented grin.

"That's odd!" I almost chuckled. "THE Doukai Mikuchi, the one that all the girls are after…is single?"

My heart was thudding it's little was through my rib cage; leaping with joy. No, doing BACKFLIPS!

"He…he…" muttered Kami as I leant forwards again to hear his sweet squeaky voice, "He's…not very good with…the whole relationships thing…get me?"

"I don't care Kami, I really like him." I blurted out before I could hold my tongue. Bad mouth. Oooops!

Kamisuki didn't look too overjoyed to be on the receiving end of my declaration. I truly didn't care. I had just acquired knowledge that the guy I had fallen for was free for the taking! I would totally hug Kami if he wasn't so darn petrified of me already.

"Yuu?" he mumbled; I looked up. "Miku is straight, I don't think he will-…"

"It doesn't matter to me, people change, you'll see."

Those words were the last things I said to him that day as I made a hasty depart soon after. I heard Kamisuki heave a sigh as I turned on my heel.

I couldn't decide whether he was sighing in liberation or sighing because of his lack of optimism. Something made me think it was the latter rather than the former.

I ignored it and strode out with haste; following the sweet cinnamon scent that trailed behind Mikuchi. It was gorgeous. I had to tell him how I felt.

People do crazy things when they think they are in love…

A/N: Don't hesitate to tell me what you think on this one. It was really hard to write because it's completely the opposite of how I normally do and don't really know if I pulled it off well. Next chapter there will be some true action, I swear!