Crunch… "Shit." The rabbit looked up scanning about for the sound. It saw nothing and crouched back down into the grass. Crunch…crak… The rabbit looked up again a figure stood ten feet from it… a silent showdown began.

Minutes later the rabbit hopped farther away. The rabbit looked back occasionally but soon felt safe enough to crouch, again, into the grass. Enjoying the coolness it rolled onto its side into the dew. A shuffle sound stirred it. The rabbit's head swiveled back and forth and slowly moved its legs into position to run. The rabbit looked one last time at the figure… Sheww! Screamed an arrow. The rabbit jumped up and was hit knocking it to the side. It panted slightly and saw a hand then… nothing.

"Ha-ha! Yes!"

"Dude, whadja catch?"

"A rabbit! Food tonight, Rob!"

"Eric! You can come out!"

A tall boy with long hair came out of the bushes with an armful of berries. "Dude! You killed a rabbit!"


"We can eat Alan's rabbit for dinner and your berries-… dude… those are poke berries…"

"What are poke berries?" asked Eric

"They're bad for you! Dipshit!" yelled Alan as he knocked the purple berries onto the ground. "… Dude… did you eat any of the poke berries?"

Eric said "Um… a couple…"

Alan and Rob looked at Eric when Rob said, "Go make yourself throw up…"

Eric ran off and picked up a piece of crap by a tree and sniffed deeply his eyes watered and his face turned red. "Bluh… Hmm! GAH!!" Eric dropped the crap and puked on the tree.

Alan and Rob laughed their asses off.

Now giggling they came over to look more closely there were ten berries still solid and a slimy purple liquid all over the poor tree and ground.

Eric looked at them with his hands wrapped around his waist and fell to his knees. Alan and Rob pulled him up onto his feet and walked back to camp with the dead rabbit.

Eric took a nap when they got back to camp.

"Rob, take the water jugs to the stream and fill 'em up I'm gonna clean this rabbit." Eric rolled over and looked at Alan as he cut the organs out of the rabbit.

"Blmm!" Eric ran out of the campsite and threw up in the woods.

Back at the campsite Alan got a ladle out of the rain bucket and took a long drink. He splashed water onto his face and wetted his brown hair. Alan sighed remembering when they first came out here. He laughed aloud and walked to the fire where the rabbit was skewered over the fire. The rabbit wasn't ready and wouldn't be for a while. He figured he could sharpen his knife for a bit.

Rob walked away from the stream loaded down with water jugs. "Hnnn…" He struggled forward. "Okay Rob," he said to himself, "there's a naked woman in front of you and you need to get to her." This actually increased his speed.

Rob fell into the clearing dropping the jugs and wrestled with something on the ground. Alan looked up from his knife and called over to Rob, "Hold 'er down!" Rob got up flipped off Alan.

Eric walked back to his sleeping bag and lay down.

Rob talked with Alan until the sun went down. At that time the rabbit was done and they woke up Eric. "Wake up you piece of shit." whispered Rob. Eric rolled over and accepted the tin of water and rabbit meat.

They talked for hours and when the rabbit was gone they went to sleep.

When they finally did notice that there was an animal snuffling around by the fire they realized that the animal was a skunk and that those motherfuckers you leave alone. It dug up the organs from the rabbit and knocked over pots and pans that they hadn't cleaned licking them clean.

The skunk shuffled toward Eric's sleeping bag and started nipping at Eric's head. Rob whispered to Alan, "Is he awake?"

"I don't fuckin' think so…" whispered Alan.

They watched the skunk clamber onto Eric's chest sniffing his face. The skunk started to lick the corner of Eric's mouth. When it nibbled on his nose Eric woke up and shouted, "Holy shit!" Eric grabbed the skunk and threw it as hard as he could.

The night ended with cleaning the pots and pans and Eric beat the hell out of Alan for putting the leftovers so close to the campsite.

Rob woke up and woke up the others by slapping them in the face over and over in quick succession.

Eric and Alan groaned and rolled around and sat up. The three friends did the morning chores of checking the fish net and the snares. Today was going to be normal for them…

End of Chapter One

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