That hollow feeling well it's leaving and I know I didn't want it here
If you were a stepping stone the show goes on and it's not like I was wanted there
Don't think I'm hurting 'cause I'm learning this quite selfishly
Maybe you're still unsure about what you put me through but you said I did the same to you
You have no proof and I'm aloof—I'm sick of trying to figure you out
Don't think it's over; it's never over in my head it could keep going even if we were both dead
I just got over dealing with the trauma of your girlfriend and your momma
Letting you be with who you choose to be with is better for us after all this
Because in the end I break amends and it's not like we still acted like friends
There's a lot I could still blame you for—like lying and hypocrisy but I won't bother
It's not that I'm the bigger man it's just I'm not the biggest fan of self-sympathy
And what you pinned me for was just what you had asked me to do for you
So I guess even when I tried I wasn't good enough for you and that's fine
'Cause in my mind there's been this winding and this grinding since you dropped it
Let me tell you it's not what I thought I'd do but I think in getting over you
I actually got over hating me; after all I realized the bad guy wasn't you or me
That's right I'm better in this weather I thought was gonna just rain down hard on me
I kind of like it, don't want to fight it, that hollow feeling that had me believing I really needed you
I guess that's just another thing that turned out to never really be true
Or if it was that time's now gone and I think we can all move on and even if we don't get along
You'll never be a person I can hold something against, and trust me I'm good at grudges
And if this is rain that's pouring down I think I'll freak and let all that loose change clank away
Because all it's doing is weighing me down and trying to drive me insane with demanding change
Even though it's all falling to the ground no longer to be found I'm feeling whole
That hollow feeling well it's leaving and I know I didn't want it here