Inspired to sleepy musings at 1.30 in the morning.

Full Circle

In a world where
roses are red,
and violets are blue,
where sugar is sweet
and I love you,
sometimes these thoughts
get lost in translation,
and then the
violets are red,
and the roses are blue,
where Splenda artificial sweetener is sweet
and I have strong emotions that can't be labeled as love for you.
In that world,
tears don't translate to words
and these emotions can't fit in a poem,
but a poem gets written, regardless.
In such a world,
things like boundary and imagination
are never put in the same sentence,
unless it goes "imagination without boundary"
and colors and thoughts and images collide
into a burst of wonderful
with a side chance of creativity.
In that world, if such a one existed,
inspiration would be indigo
and the pen would truly be mightier than the sword;
love wouldn't have to be feared
and words wouldn't have to be spoken,
because such a magnificent world
could only possibly exist in someone's imagination,
so they could make it however they wanted.

So here's a list of similes or metaphors
to keep you occupied while that world is being built:

the indigo inspiration that I lost to the void
in a flash-bang production worth millions

the pen vs. the sword
(in a winner-take-all match to end them all)

the flashing light that may be nothing or may mean that there's a fire
that will tear through your life like a knife through stainless steel

the color of the sky just before sunrise,
because it's like a blank canvas leaking indecision
right before that first brush stroke of dawn

the way that a sense of sorrow is reflected perfectly off your eyes
like sparkling drops of the morning dew
before running shoes obliterate them

and the fact that suddenly political advertisements
are as beautiful as the field of lightning bugs
you watched as you brain freezed your way through a sno-cone
that day in late August

And even though similes and metaphors don't make the world go 'round
(because then the molten core of Earth would have no purpose),
they can make some things seem damn beautiful,
and others just really creepy.

So to bring it all full circle,
we'll re-examine the first lines,
because they can be as life-altering as any literary device ever was.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet
And so are you.