He walked the halls, the dark form of the new Emporer of Nivia. The court scattered before him as he made his way to one special set of rooms. Sometimes the Courtiers wondered why he didn't move her elsewhere, but in the end, he had kept her in the same room that her former Ruler had choosen to keep her in.

Somehow it seemed right, though, to most of them for this Demon-Lord to keep her in her own room, her own private domain. When Gold ruled no one had dared to enter the Magess's room without her invitation, now you needed HIS. and only one man ever had that, the Arch-Mage Diamond, and HE didn't enter willingly, only when commanded.

And only Diamond knew the truth, that she was a prisoner in what was once her sanctuary, that this Demon had been slowly breaking her to his fist. None but Diamond knew how hard she fought to resist him, how often she had been tortured, beaten, forced to heal herself, and when that didn't work.....He, Diamond, betrayed her trust and revealed her secret fear. Her fear of being alone.

Now this Demon was molding the woman in that sealed room to be something different, less fearful, more powerful. Something he had indicated he wanted. His "Ideal" woman

He opens first the outer door of her chambers, it gets him away from the Courtiers, from the servants. locking it carefully behind him, then he opens the inner door, locking it just the same. She seems to be working on something in the middle of the room, he moves to lean against the wall be the window.

Her fingers are flying, moving threads in and out of some sort of cloth. He listened to the quiet, watched out the window, spying the servants as they went efficiently and determindly about their business. No wasted movement there. Everything done to his preferences, his desires. He admired that in the servants, they learned much quicker than the nobles what he wanted.

He watches her, the needle flying in and out of the cloth, not sure what it is she creates. He's seen her decorate her own clothing this way sometimes, adding a touch of flowers he's indicated he's liked, or sometimes just what looked much like the vines that creep up the palace walls.

"On what item do you work, magess?" His voice is soft, he doesn't want to break her concentration. He can't quite yet make out what she's working on. the shapes are indistinct, yet he can see what looks almost like an animal's face.

She doesn't look up, "Just a tapestry, my lord, stone walls get cold."

He runs a finger over the creation, "Tapestry, interesting indeed, and what will be on this tapesty, magess?"

Her answer is simple, "Wolves"

"Interesting choice," He raises an eyebrow as he says it, "Why Wolves?" He has seen wolves in this land, huge beasts, beasts that he now knew SHE had often set against his troups. At her bidding, this woman who seems so UNLIKELY a killer, they would abandon their normal habit of hiding from man, and turn into killers. In fact most of the wildlife around the palace had a MARKED tendancy to do such. It was one of the things that attracted him to her, that such a gentle woman could be so....vicious.

"I like them, especially the white ones." she sets the needle into a small pin cussion attached to the side of the frame then stands up, her head still bowed low, making sure he knows she is not challenging him or his rule.

He touches her cheek gently, "Aha, You like the Primal?"

She shakes her head, "No, I like their Freedom, and how loyal they are to Their family."

"Freedom...Yet when in a group they learn to serve the Leader of the Pack."

"Indeed my lord. But they are also free to leave the pack at any time." unspoken are the words, "As I am not." The mage reaches forward and gently rests her hand on that powerful chest, "But I degress, you desire something, my lord?"

His smile speaks of his pleasure in her quick understanding, "Yes woman, I desire something. But that...inaccurate. People are not things, are they?"

the woman just shrugs, "I am to be what you want. You taught me that."

He reaches his hand out to her neck, moving forward slightly, and takes hold of it, forcing her to lean back suddenly, to stare up into his eyes, when finished with his actions, "And if I were to command you to be my personal....what is the Nivian term.....'Sex Kitten' from here forward?" His voice is firm, she knows this is another test.

"I have no choice but to obey." The safe answer, always. she doesn't even know anymore how she feels about him. he's changed, gone from her abuser to the only company and friend she truely has in this place.

His voice gets very soft then, "And if you did have a choice?"

"I don't know. I"m so unused to having choices now."

The Demon leans forward then and lightly brushes his lips to hers, not brutal or rough, a soft and gentle kiss. at first she is confused and unresponsive, then slowly she kisses him back, letting him take what he wishes, but he doesn't take at all, except for the thin trickle of power he knows she has to give. The hand at the back of her neck shifting from gripping to carressing. If she didn't know better she would swear he was kissing her with....of all things...Affection.

The magess makes a low purring sound deep in her throat causing him to pull back a moment and say, "...you like that?" the moment the mage wraps her arms around his neck he knows he has her answer. she can see the smile just before his lips touch hers one again. His free hand slowly snaking around her waist as she presses herself closer to him, his other hand slips down from her neck and slides along her spine finally coming to rest on her hip. holding her so very close, and pulling her even closer.

He is surprised when he feels her leg go around his hips to pull herself closer. He pulls back from the kiss, no more than a single fingertip could fit between their lips as he wispers, "You're not being Forced....And yet you're pleasing." He softly nuzzles her neck for a moment before returning his gaze to hers and says calmly, "I wonder why?"

"I have learned that you only punish when I disobey or do not please you, if I do please you, you are very kind."

"As any true ruler....True Man...is." He continues, not caring if it offends her ingrained sensabilities, "...with women who have been....appropriately...tamed." then he leans forward to stop her arguements and kisses her once more. He can feel her stiffen, the a soft sigh which he drinks in like fine wine.

He feels her shiver and hears her soft moan, he leans back and whispers in her ear, "Your empress...oft requires a...Rougher...Firmer...hand." He chuckles softly, "Seemingly because she relishes it, of all things. I wonder if you share that?"

He can feel her tremble against him, her eyes suddenly going fearful for the first time in weeks. she doesn't answer, but her body does for her.

"And no, my magess, you seem to show fear..." he looks deep into her eyes, "Or would it be something else, woman?" He isn't sure what he sees in her eyes, and wants to pull it out of her.

What she does surprises them both, suddenly she is pressing herself against him with all her strength, making him growl low and hold her as tightly as he dares, he doesn't wish to snap her spine on accident, yet he keeps the kiss gentle, even as she tries to increase it. her body moving against his.

He reaches up with one hand and fists it in her hair, pinning her head back and he kisses her then until she's breathless. Pushing her against the wall to pin her there with his body. her only response is to tighten her arms around him.

He pulls back and smiles, "I'll take that as a yes, then....At least on the more firmness?"

He returns to kissing her, deeply, powerfully, firmly, but strangely not at all violently forceful about it considering who and what he's supposed to be. Her moans of pleasure being all the incentive he needs to continue it. another key to unlock this woman he calls Magess. He tightens his grip around her, and pulls her leg up high on his hip, knowing he can take her now if he wishes, and once she is a bit more....willing...he plans on doing just that.