Just Like All the Others

Don't know if I want to feel this anymore/

It's too complicated and painful/

You'll break my broken heart and crush it to crumbs/

Even before you have this chance to hurt me, you've already hurt me/

Felt too much and thought too far to have the hope/

I just want to trust you/ To hope in you/ To love with you/

Deep down and at the back of my brain I know it won't work/

Too much difference and too much anger in the both of us/

And your just like all the others/

I'm so stupid to believe/ And yet this is what I have to hope in/

This is oxygen and this is food and this is fuel for my body/

And your just like all the others/

Shit for my body and shit for my self esteem and completely wrong for me/

But what can I say?/ You've got me tangled up in knots/

And bending sideways and seeing green/

Because your all I think about/

And your just like all the others/

You'll kill me/ Your killing me/

Even without loving me/