An essay to you from Gabriel El Jibaro

Don't anybody know what to think today. It's like they need a map to find them way in this world. Well, nobody ever has had the right map, ever. Even I don't have the right map, and I'm the one telling this story. You could call me a hypocrite, but then you'd be a hypocrite. I'm not saying y'all are a hypocrite, though, no disrespect or insult intended. I'm just trying to tell this story… story about how I realized how this world is falling from under me, and how my generation, the Youth, is helping cause it... I love them kids... my people... believe it or not, I love them... they're my family, my brothers and my sisters

I'm not someone many would see as attractive, or someone who'd even try to say something like this to you, no; I'm the type of guy that will one day go off and join some nazi gang or communist group and end up beaten to death and buried in an unmarked grave by some anarchists/hippies. Them boys and girls that dress like they are going over to a vampire's funeral or something, them guys that write poems about things like death, angst and the like.Them Goth kids.Them guys who crusade an idea that makes them look like powerless heroes, people that cry out for the world to be shed in light by someone, anyone… them people who say will take in anyone they want, only to turn most of them down… them boys are just another victim of this crumbling world, part of the reason it is crumbling away.

No offence though… I idolize them boys and them girls… they want change… they want revolution. But… they need light in their life… and yet they won't shedit themselves. They're waiting for someone else to do it… and yet they shy or dismiss anyone who tries to. They drown themselves in their sorrow instead of shaking off them dust on their shoulders and arise from the ashes of their life and soar like a phoenix… but I guess them kids just don't want to. They're afraid of the light, and they don't know what it's like in the light…

Mainstreams been battering the world, almost everyday… full of most always lies and all them papers about how some famous person got hitched or got a new part in a movie… all them lies… problem is, them lies the public buys them. False Icons trick us into finding the light, and when we finally find it, it's not light at all; it's just another tunnel, darkness for us to float through once more, and they don't even give us a map for it. The news floods us with them stuff… and magazines and them types of stuff too. Lies have flooded in so much that only the comics remain the only truthful thing in them…

The popular people; the plastics in school, the jocks, the celebrities, the rich men and women… why is it that people following them kids? These things are false representations of what life should be like. They don't even have a map, son. You understand what I'm saying? They don't even need to have the wrong map; they don't have one. They're lost… not only that, but people nowadays shy them away, even hate them and spout poison about them… they need light more than those who don't have any. They are shed by a fake light, the type only the Devil himself can provide.

I realize this world is crumbling as I watch the world crumble from the pop view… and at the same time I watch the world at war, the shells falling on the granite grounds of cities around the world, shaking the Earth to it's very foundations, uprooting trees and people off them ground… Why is it that people fight for such mundane things as some black trash that you find in such hard to get to places such as the bottom of the Earth? Is about time people find some type of resolution… Is about time we do something about what people envision...

"One day, there will no more war, no hunger, no fighting... not even competition."

I realized that the world was crumbling under my feet as I watched my country, Puerto Rico, subdue to the wave that falls on us. Politics is a national sport, free speech is almost a taboo now, people don't smile, they fight over how their car is badly parked in their parking spot, they shoot at each other because they hate each other, and yet they haven't even met, some not even once in their life… People are bound to start paying their rent and their McDonald's fee with bullets now… you find them in the street, buried into the asphalt…

A few days ago, I saw a man hitting at a sign with a baseball bat that read "FREEDOM IS HERE" after a speech by the governor. He wasn't screaming obscenities or spitting on it… I saw what was wrong with him: he was crying, tears trickling out of his eyes, and he was positively howling in agony… and from what I heard him say, shame and sadness. His country was tearing apart… this "rich port" had turned into something worse than a rat hole for corruption, violence and crime… it had turned into something that was used, exploited and controlled. The beautiful white-sanded beaches that he had apparently loved so much had suddenly been labelled bythem people that hate the government as an illusion and a diversion from what really happening… they were shying away what this country SHOULD be, and what people love about this country.

I used to think that this generation was lost… when I had quoted that, I hadn't realized this country was falling from under my feet… only when I saw a future come did I notice the stone floor that used to hold us and everyone steady erode and crumble away… It made me think… We are nothing, but we are something… and it's time we burn in the fires of realization and redemption into dust and evaporate into the breeze of the future… The world is like a pearl in its oyster… and that oyster breaks apart in the ocean waves of time, letting that pearl floating away. We gotta find the right map to get us to the future... And I think I'll write it up someday... and I think you will too.

God bless anyone who reads this. All comments are welcome.


Gabriel El Jibaro