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Chapter Five: Against Reality

Come on, Azure, we'l run to the end of the world together!

I could hear the rough crackle of thunder and the pitter-patter of rain. Opening my eyes, the filthy interior of a bus shelter stared back at me. My chest was heaving as I drew in ragged breaths, and I realized I had run here.

The floor was freezing but I couldn't seem to register the feeling of being cold. I was too occupied with being absolutely terrified. For ten years, I had conquered my fear of thunderstorms; tonight, a lot of bottled emotions came back in one big rush. Tears streamed down my face and choked sobs echoed in the shelter. Was this my true nature? Was I really so weak? Slay was my power and now he was gone.

"I found you!" A tall silhoutte shadowed the doorway. Slay? No, can't be... Avalon. He drew me into his warm embrace.

I didn't respond at first, still as stone. "Where did I wrong?" I asked quietly.

"Nowhere, nothing was your fault. You did everything you were supposed to." he whispered into my tangled hair.

"Then why amd I crying?"

"It's natural. You lost someone important." He couldn't have been more accurate. I felt like something had been ripped out of me. I pressed my face against his damp shirt and cried into the warm contours of his chest.

Eventually, I lost track of time. My tears seemed to run out and I did feel better. Avalon had been so silient that I wondered if he had fallen asleep. I looked up; he was ready to meet my eyes.

"Azure," My name seemed to linger on his lips; he had said it softly as if it was fragile and delicate. He moved closer, still sharing our gaze. His mouth pressed gently against my own in a tender kiss.

Without thinking, I fell into him. My lips parted slightly and his tongue rested just there. I could feel his lips move against mine as he deepened the kiss.

Suddenly, I regained my senses. I pushed him away and my hand shot to my mouth. My eyes were wide; I could feel the shock written all over my face. I didn't see his expression but he stayed motionless. "Sorry." I whispered, manoeuvering around him to leave.

His kiss tasted of sweet rain and peppermint.

Maybe Aldrea was right, but I was afraid to think I'd fallen for Avalon. I'd only ever loved Slay. Slay was dead; he had been dead for a long time now. He'd never find me. My heart hurt. My head hurt. Everything hurt with an aching, hollow pain.

The hone rang and my hand slithered out from under the covers to answer it. "Hello?"


"She's not home." I interrupted.

"Azure!" Aldrea hissed.

I sighed. "What is it?"

"Are you alright? I've been so worried! You weren't at school on Friday, I didn't hear from you all weekend, and you missed Monday and today! I must have called, like, five times but you mom answered and said you were resting..." I could almost hear her pout on the other end of the line. "Since when is she home so much anyway?"

"She thinks I'm sick." I explained.

"Thinks? So you are not actually?! This is so unlike you!" Horror crept into her voice. "Are you alright, Azure? Did something happen?"

"No, I'm not alright. And I really was sick at first, but it was just a cold." I quickly swallowed another aspirin. My head throbbed with killer migraine. "I just... don't know how I'm supposed to feel... about anything... at all."

"You didn't do anything you'd regret, did you?"


"Okay, so she doesn't regret it."

I rolled my eyes. I could tell she was trying to cheer me up. She was probably wearing a wide grin at this very moment. Aldrea knew that I would always tell her everything she needed to know when I was ready.

"But I do hope you'll come back soon, Azure. This can't be healthy for you. How about I get a check on you tomorrow afterschool?"

I agreed to this. A long heart-to-heart talk with my best friend was probably just what I needed.

Aldrea is one of the things that I thank life for. I couldn't imagine having a better friend than her, but sometimes she can be so unreasonable. For instance, I had been expecting her at my house just like she said she would be, and I opened the door to find myself staring into the concerned eyes of Avalon Kepler.