Talk To Me

Ignore the tears at the corner of my eyes,

They're there not because I'm lonely but because I'm tired

But I'm not blaming you for what I'm going through,

This is my problem, I'll deal with or without you.

You didn't talk me into anything, there were no words involved

Smiled, maybe but only because I was tired…

And maybe because I wanted to, needed to, wanted to

Be talked and smiled into things by you

You didn't talk me into anything, you didn't have to,

But you didn't talk me out of it… though I'm not sure you could too.

So no help from you, I've expected that much,

Hell, you're not even supposed to know all about this angst

Not supposed to know my actions mean much more

More than just the warmth, a secret heat, a hope,

Notice that I am not telling you this at all

That I don't actually like it and that this is my down fall

But I'm hooked and helpless and defiant and I'll rue,

It so much they'll all think I am over you,

Even before they find out that I loved you.

Love you.



I'm not asking for anything… not that much anyway,

I know where I stand, I am standing here still.

But what happens when you find out all the truth?

Will you still be there smiling like you always do?

Ignore the tears streaming down from my eyes

They're not just there cause I'm lonely but because I am tired,

You wipe them away and I can't help but blame you,

I've fallen for you what more can you talk me into?