Broken Wings

All I ever wanted to do was fly.

I never meant to hurt anyone

Not myself, or Jace.

I'm sorry.

I'm one of those people, who sit here everyday just wondering what it would be like to soar through the air with my own pair of sparkling, creamy white angel wings. I know I could fly. I could hang glide and such, I suppose. That's just not what I want to do though. Having a thing strapped to my back, isn't the freedom I long for. I want my own pair of wings to soar with.

I imagine it and I dream it. God, I want it so bad. I want to fly. No one understands it when I tell him or her. They think I'm stupid. Say I have enough freedom. I do… just not the right kind of freedom. I want to be able to lie on a cloud, or fly alongside a shooting star. Not just wish upon one, to fly with one. I want to fly through the sparkling night sky and sit upon the moon. I want to dance with the laughing stars. Not beneath them, with them.

Many are jealous of me, I do not know why. I will admit though, I have got it good. I've got the greatest guy in the world who loves me and I love him just as much. My parents aren't so bad and I have a lot of great friends. I want to fly, though. I can see their pained looks when I mention it, and hear the concern lacing their voices so thickly. I've never tried to fly, but they fear it. I didn't plan to try and fly until the dream… the dream so wonderful.

Soft autumn air wrapped around me like a thick layer of ice. Slowly, I let my eyes slide open and I notice, why I'm so cold and why the wind is hitting me so hard. I'm flying. I'm finally flying! My wings are gorgeous. They're a creamy white color and they sparkle so purely. They're amazingly soft too.

I don't know where I am and I really don't care. I look down there is water below. Swooping down, and I reach out and my hand skims the water so lightly. It's cold, but I couldn't care less. My heart feels heavy with joy. I'm flying. I'm flying.

So here I am now, climbing my way up t the rocks just above the river. I am so determined I can fly; I don't care what happens if I can't. I know I can. The cool rocks beneath my hands are scratching and rubbing away at my skin so painfully. I don't care though. I will fly I will soar.

Finally I pull myself to the top, and stop for a moment to catch my breath. Feeling something hovering above me I raise my eyes to meet a bare chest. I gasp and stumble backwards just about to go over the edge, but a pair of strong warm arms wrap around my waste. Familiar embrace…

"J-Jace?" I whisper slowly and I look up to see those piercing green eyes and that brown hair falling around his handsome face. He's crying, but I don't know why. He couldn't possibly know what I am doing. I'm going to fly.

"What the fuck are you thinking?" His voice is so calm, yet so horribly scared. He still hasn't let go of me, but he holds up a piece of paper that has my writing on it. Oh yes, the note. Of course, he definitely knows. How could I have forgotten about that? "Please, please don't leave me Riley… I don't want you to fly…" He whimpers, crying so much harder now.

"Am I hurting you?" My voice is so soft; I'm surprised he even heard. He takes one of my smaller hands in his and places it against his heart. I look at him questioningly, and he sniffles.

"I do this Riley, you'll take my heart with you. You'll take it with you and I won't ever get it back. That'll hurt me more than anything else you could imagine. I don't want you to leave me Riley. I want you to stay right here with me forever." He whispers. Now I'm the one crying. He takes his hand off of mine, and reaches up to brush away my tears. "Please baby, don't cry." I can't help it though. "I love you, and if you fly I fly." He finally says.


"I'm doing this with you."

So he took my hand in his we turned around, and we jumped. I didn't fly, or do anything remotely similar. I fell and I didn't like that. Jace's hand grips mine tighter as we hit the icy water. I go under, and start flailing my arms this way and that, and I'm in his arms again before I know it. He drags us onto the sand and we both collapse. After he catches his breath his presses his lips firmly against mine in a tender kiss. "You have a pair of Broken Wings." He whispers against my lips and I close my eyes. I have broken wings…

I'll be alright though, as long as I always have Jace with me…

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