My thoughts feeding off my fears,

Off my regrets,

Off my frustration,

Off this hatred of myself, this sadness.

Everything seems to hurt.

Everything cuts me so deeply.

I feel aggravated.

I don't know how to rid myself of this feeling...

But I don't think I will.

It will stay,

Nagging at me.

As always.

Snagging on my flesh and ripping it away.

I feel so ugly,

And worthless.

I wish I could stop this.

I don't seem to matter anymore.

Not that I did to begin with.

I feel so alone.

Alone again.

It's not anyone's fault.

It just is as it is.

I wish you would speak.

Instead you leave me begging.

I don't blame you.

I don't.

It just burns me so badly.

I shall cry,

Over and over again.

I'm a lie...

Aren't I?

I feel like it was all lies.

I don't know what to make of this.

These tears, and these rips in my flesh make me fall.

The pain crushes me.

Why does it always seem this way?

Was it all a waste?

Won't you answer any of my questions?


I'll continue to rot.

But it's alright.

As long as I die in the end.

Be careful what you wish for.

It all seems so meaningless...

Why must I always scream?

Is it possible to feel full of emptiness?

I don't know.

I know nothing.

I only know, that I am lost,

And bruised.

My flesh is so tattered...

I'm bleeding...

It doesn't seem to stop.

And somehow it really is alright...

and yet so imperfect and painful.

I guess I shall beg.

Because it means so much.

And I don't know why.

And everything else seems so meaningless...

Even the things with meaning,

I know have no meaning in the end.

But that's how all things are.

But I will try.

Because it may kill me.

If it will kill this feeling too...

Then I will rot here.


Isn't that so?