Costume wearing fool
Dressing down to meet his welcome
A hero's heart beats the drum inside his mind
A journey relating to death awaits
He says he doesn't mind

Masses of industry produced safety tools
Alarms and weapons comparing will to nothing
Arms on shelves collecting dust from a lack of use
They're dreaming of the blood they need to taste
To own is never enough, you must defend
From the evil that will be coming in

Eyes, springloaded, open to the darkness
Immune to the lack of vision
His costume pressed firmly to his flesh
Starting down the hall he hears whispers
Arms at his sides, he draws his weapons

Saving the world, one robbery at a time
Stopping the crime knocking at his floor
He wears his costume as his badge of honor
A hero of his time, in his mind

The top of the stairs, he was waiting
A shadow casually crossed the only path of light
A streetlight through a window, illuminating evil
Slipping down the rail, the super-hero grabs his gun
Presses it into the man's back
He turns on him to fire, but he's falling, already dead
The super-hero enters his living room
A flash from the corner misses him
Our hero takes down the gunman
A noise from behind, he trys to turn to see
But he collapses instantly

Covered in blood, words once there appear again
His shirt read, "Proud to be an American"