Author notes:

This is a piece I wrote when I was 15 or so. It really happenened. I found it on my old computer and I was amused by it so that's why I published it.

It's childish and very short with no real begin and no end, but I like the writing style, so...

Well go ahead and read it. And feel free to leave a review, I accept everything, anonymous or not.


Debby took another puff from her cigarette.

Nadine's face expression showed curiosity and shock all in once. Her eyes bored into Charlie's profile. Charlie looked away, cursing to Debby under her breath.

"Do you smoke?" Nadine asked Charlie. She of course already knew the answer but just wanted to hear it from Charlie's mouth.

Charlie shrugged in an attempt to look indifferently about the whole situation.

"I, uh, quitted about 2 months ago." She replied, finally meeting Nadine's eyes.

"Wow, I didn't expect that from you…"

An answer Charlie had heard too much. Didn't expect that from you. Like Charlie should do what people expected from her. That sort of things could really piss her off.

Her jaw clenched. She looked at Debby who was grinning like an idiot. At least someone found this amusing.

Debby nodded excitedly at Nadine.

"Yeah, Charlie is a wild one." She informed the prep proudly, "She got bad grades too. And her parents will go skits about it. But she doesn't give a fuck."

Alarm bells rang off in Charlie's head. She nudged Debby in a desperate attempt to stop her chatter.

Don't start about my home situation. Don't tell her about it. She's a tattletale. She's gonna gossip about me.

But her nudging was oblivious to Debby. The girl kept on going.

"Last year, her grades were even worse. At school she, hold on a sec, IF she was at school" Debby chuckled, "cos she skipped more hours than that she attended. Ain't that right, Charlie?"

Charlie wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

"Debby is blowing the whole thing up. I wasn't that bad." Charlie reassured Nadine.

Debbie snickered sceptically. Charlie gave her a dirty look. Suddenly realisation seemed to hit Debby; she was quiet for a moment.

"Wow..." Nadine said again. Not noticing the looks Debby and Charlie exchanged.

Charlie looked at the ground again and Debby took another puff from her cigarette.

"How's Rosa doing? Everything going swell with her and her boyfriend?" Debby asked all of sudden, totally changing the subject, to set Nadine's mind on another thing. Nadine took the bait.

"Rosa has a boyfriend?" Curiosity peeked trough her voice.

Charlie almost smiled. This was just too perfect.

"Yes, she has. His name is Vincent."

Debby nodded in agreement. "Yeah and he is 14 while Rosa is 16. Can you believe it?"

Debby took another drag before she continued.

"A teenage girl is more matured than a teenage boy from the same age anyway. That's why girls prefer older boyfriends. But Rosa got a boyfriend who is 2 years younger, that's just-"

"Perfect! " Charlie exclaimed.

That got her weird looks from both Debby and Nadine.

"It takes guts to do that. Just go against the tradition of a boyfriend being two years older than the girl, or being taller for that matter. To just don't care what other people think or say. Screw the rules. They're stupid."

Debby laughed out loud, agreeing with Charlie. Nadine expression read doubt. Like she didn't really know what to say to such a comment.

Nadine would definitely brag with her friends about this. But Charlie didn't care anymore. It wasn't a disaster and the new class will get to know her sooner or later. Charlie's best friends often told her that for people that only knew her from school it could be quite a shock to find out who she really was. But it isn't my fault, Charlie thought, they just analysed me as soon as I stepped into the doorway that first day. First impression. So if I suddenly appear to have different sides…their bad, not mine.

Charlie was so lost in her thoughts she didn't noticed the conversation between Nadine and Debby.

Nadine was about to say something but Debby was faster.

"I have respect for Charlotte. I really respect her."

Charlie's head snapped up. Surprised. Shocked.

But Debby was already walking away.

Charlie said Nadine goodbye and then ran to Debby to catch her up.

"You, you respect me?" She asked in pure wonderment. Cos she didn't believe her ears.

Debby gave her a tiny smile. "Yeah, I do."