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It was cold. It was always cold in the dank, dark cellar of the Streing Castle. It was colder than the coldest night of Midwinter, when the water in a washing basin would freeze and even the roaring fire in the hearth could not keep away the mighty chill. Never had they experienced such cold. No one could survive one night alone in the cellar (the coldest place in the castle), let alone a week.

But they had done it. Nathaniel and his younger sister Natasha had been locked in the cellar for almost a week, yet they were still alive. And the cold had not bothered them once. They had become immune to it, shortly after the Count Bartemi had captured them during the siege of the castle.

Their sudden numbness to the cold was only one of the things Nat and his sister had found odd ever since the siege. There was also their uncanny hunger when the Count had stopped by during the third day and presented them with a feast that consisted only of a sweet red nectar. And there were the front teeth in their mouths that had suddenly began to reform and shape themselves into fangs like a wolf's. And being children who loved the outdoors, Nat's and Natasha's skin was very much a light bronze. But lately, their complexion had been dwindling, growing more and more white with each passing day.

"Nat." a faint whisper made its way to Nathaniel's ears. He sat up from his pallet and looked through the darkness to find his seven-year-old sister hugging tightly onto his arm. "Nat, I'm hungry."

"There is no food." Nat answered wearily. He was hungry also, but he had no desire to let it show. He needed to be strong for his sister, needed to be a man, not the lanky ten-year-old he was. "Wait until Count Bartemi comes back tomorrow."

His sister stilled, then slowly brought out a dark, lumpy thing from behind her. Nat went to touch it, and found something sticky covered his hand when he did. "What is that?"

Natasha smiled and held up her prize so her brother could see more clearly. It was a rabbit, a dead one at that, and it was covered in its own blood. Nat looked at his sister and found her eyes were black and hollow, almost unfeeling. She looked at the rabbit and licked her lips, and Nat noticed the red glint at the ends of her mouth. "Natasha, where did you get that?"

His sister giggled. "I got it from outside." She grabbed Nat's hand and led him behind several barrels of ale. There, she pointed upward and Nat saw the faint glow of the moon from a small window.

Gasping, Nat held onto his sister's shoulders and shook her. "Why didn't you tell me sooner? We could have escaped!"

"I just found it tonight. And I went out and saw this rabbit." Natasha licked her lips again, staring hungrily at the animal in her hands. "It was delicious." She lifted the rabbit towards him. "You want some, Nat? I saved some for you."

Nat pushed his sister away and asked, "What's wrong with you, Natasha? Eating rabbits is forbidden to the Streing family."

"But the rest of our family is dead. They won't know." Natasha smiled secretively and bit down into the rabbit, much to her brother's horror and disgust. Savoring the sweet, metallic taste of the blood in her mouth, Natasha sucked every last drop of blood until it was gone. She thrust the rabbit on the floor and her eyes widened in yearning. She looked longingly at the window and said, "We must get more. I must have more."

She reached for the window and Nat slapped her hand away. When his sister looked back at him, Nathaniel Streing saw someone he did not know. Someone who was not his sister. She may have had his sister's looks, but the personality was too different, too…vicious.

"We are the same, Nat. You know you must have more, you know what you've become. You know we must hunt." Natasha pleaded, craving very noticeable in her eyes.

Nat did not want to face the truth. True, he knew she was right when she told him he knew what they were, but out of respect for his family, he would not admit it, never in an eternity.

A shadow fell upon them and when Nat whipped around, the leering face of Count Bartemi loomed before him. The Count chuckled and kneeled before the two youngsters. When he looked up at them, Nat saw a glint of bloodlust in his eyes. It was the same thing he had seen in Natasha's eyes earlier. Nat didn't like it, not one bit.

The Count, chuckling again, said to them, "Welcome to the world of the night, Prince and Princess of the vampires."