Feathers and dust on the ivory keys
From the birds lodged in his blonde crown of hair
They do not encumber his nimble fingertips
And the black silk swathe keeps him from seeing the filth anyway
But the music has nowhere to resound under this hollow heavens
So as ever, it is all happening in his head

Her hair smelt of brandy and summer solstice
(The thawing of snow) She lay hidden in the mist
With no hope that she would ever awake from her vice
It had been years since she had dared listen to
The thrilling concertos composed of mistresses and jewels
Long broken away from the palace grounds

Like cruel enchantments the walls crumbled down
And the aristocrats took their intrigues
To other ivy and immortality castles

Now all that's left is this little Prince
An unknown hero in a child's body
A cloak of blues and stifled passions and a crested ring
The last of the family heirlooms
There is nothing left to grow up to
When even the dictum had to be forgotten

The ballroom piano now stands in a forest clearing
Place of all fairytale meetings
At night there are no candles, only pixie lights
No governess and no tutors to correct posture and speech
He tries so hard, the little princeling, but cannot recall
When it was that he disappeared into fables

Those dawns of decay are stilled in time
When more than ever his eyes seemed animal
So they took them out (or did he do so himself...?)
Serenades and sonatas: all he was left in the end
When even his evergreen dreams were torn away

Now the falling leaves swirl around him
As he plays his soul away in memories of times
He never thought he'd miss
And he plays because he has forgiven her grey eyes
Though she is too absorbed in liquor to tell
His scars reflected in her failure to love him appropriately

AN: I had a vision, lol, an epiphany! I saw this sweet little boy playing a filthy old piano in the middle of a forest, and I could tell he was no child, and suddenly he became a teenager and it was all so romantic and seemed so sad…oh well. Hope this is worth something. (edited this twice)