Months passed. Nearly a year after Honey had escaped the spotlight, and retreated into her own world of illusions, the media had long since given up hunting her down. The calls to her cell dwindled and finally stopped, with the exception of her attorney, to finalise her divorce. Once over, Honey was alone, finally. She would never have to rely on anyone again. She would never have to trust another living soul. And that suited her just fine.

She looked out of her window as she did every day, watching the world go by. She rarely left the small flat, and even then she only did it in the dead of night, when she knew she wouldn't be followed, to places she knew she wouldn't be found. Mostly she did it to escape the four walls. She'd always liked to walk, but never had the chance whilst she was on tour, or at her varying engagements. There was always the paparazzi, always someone following.

Smiling, Honey pushed back her red hair and closed the blinds, walking over to a small mahogany desk to her right. She had never forgotten any of her old friends and family. And her hate for them was stronger than ever before. Every night, she ran through her mind the betrayal, the two men, now shadows in her memories. She would never forget those few days, and then waking up to find her so called family by her bedside. She never knew the pain they had gone through, and she didn't care. As far as she was concerned, they abandoned her, and that was that.

For a year, she had written, every single day. Letters, stories, poems, anything that sprang to mind. And now, she wrote again, this time an addition to a plan conceived in her mind the day she left her previous life. A plan for revenge. She wanted them to suffer as much as she had, to feel like nobody was going to come for them, that they were all alone. So she continued to write, on her laptop. Checking the time, she smiled.

Honey stood and walked through to her modestly sized bedroom, opening her wardrobe door. She picked out a white blouse and a pair of faded blue jeans, slipping into them. She looked in the mirror, admired her long red hair, her slim figure. The black underside had long since washed out of her poker straight hair, which she tied back in a loose ponytail. She didn't look any different from the 19-year-old who stepped into fame.

She put her iPod in her pocket and plugged the earphones into her ears, her playlist still full of varying rock, metal and goth music she had liked since she was a young teenager. She remembered how everyone thought she was strange for liking such different music. Bon Jovi and Slipknot, Bryan Adams and Evanescence. Back then she would get defensive when people teased her for not liking the trend at the time, but eventually, she decided not to care. She'd listen to what she wanted, and screw everyone else. Now she lived on her own, doing things her way, and screw everyone else.

She reached into a drawer on her desk, pulling out a small package, wrapped neatly in a red and white handkerchief. She smiled and stroked it, feeling it's solid weight as she slipped it into her satchel, covered with badges telling the world how much it sucked, that punk wasn't dead, and that rehab was for quitters. At heart, Honey had always been a bit of a rebel. She never really understood what right other people had to govern her life if she hadn't given them that right in the first place.

She took her key from a side table and left her flat, taking a moment to look around it. She'd made it her home for the last year, and smiled as she closed the door, mixed feelings running through her. In her mind she knew this might be the last time she ever saw the place, and whilst she was happy to be leaving it behind, she also felt a pang of sadness, as anyone would when they leave their home for the last time. Honey sighed and walked down the corridor, moving quickly down the few flights of stairs and straight to the underground garage where her Corsa had been replaced with a Lotus Elise. She'd only had it for three months, and it still looked as though it had just left the showroom.

She started the engine and grinned, the sound of the engine purring warming her heart, and steadying her thoughts. She knew what she was going to do today, what was going to begin. Already she had sent out notes giving instructions to select persons. Of course, none of them knew what fate awaited them, only Honey. She turned on her stereo and slipped a Green Day CD in, listening to a couple of songs before finally driving away, towards her destiny.

Meanwhile, post was being delivered across the nation. Hannah watched as hers fell through the letterbox and hit the carpeted floor with a small slap-like sound. Slowly she stood up and fetched the mail in, followed by her cat.

"Can't go anywhere without you following can I eh?" she patted the cat in its head and opened the only letter addressed to her. Instantly she recognised Honey's handwriting and read the letter eagerly. It gave her instructions to make her way to a small house, almost in the middle of nowhere. It said she wanted to talk, but away from the media and anyone who might interrupt.

Hannah looked up, and then around the room. She still lived with her parents, so she checked to see where they were before leaving the house, taking the note with her. Minutes after she left her parents house, she got a call from Andrew.

"Hey Andy, how's things?"

"Things are alright, you?"

"Yeah. What's up?"

"Nothing much. You get a letter from Honey this morning?"

"Yeah, I'm on my way to meet her, you going?"

"Yeah. Looks like she finally came to her senses huh." He chortled a little. Hannah giggled.

"Yeah, maybe. Listen, I can't help but sense something bad's going to happen. How long will it take for you to get there?" He asked, sounding concerned.

"Oh about… an hour at most, including the dodgy traffic."

"It's going to take me closer to four. Please… don't go in without me. Something feels really bad, and I can't shake it."

"Andrew, come on, it's just Honey. I'm sure we're not the only two going?"

"No, I got calls from River and Caleb too. Nobody else yet, but we're all arriving at different times."

"See? She's not going to try anything with four of us coming, right?"

"I guess… just please Hannah, be careful."

"I will. I'll see you when you get there." Hannah ended the call and put her phone back in her pocket, making sure she wouldn't get caught as she slipped out the door, and into her Diablo. By the time her parents realised she was gone, she'd already left.

Meanwhile in Heathrow Airport, a tall man stepped off the newly landed plane, and looked around, taking off his sunglasses and making his way slowly though the departure section of the airport. He took the piece of paper from his jeans pocket and read it again, smiling. He figured he'd be meeting her there, and called a taxi to take him.

In a small house, Honey sat on the sofa. It was abandoned, she didn't know why, but she didn't really care either. All she knew was that it was never used, and never visited. It was remote, and just perfect for what she needed to do. She heard a car pull up, and saw Hannah climb out of her Diablo. She smiled, and looked for the handkerchief-package, seeing it was in her reach. She took it, and removed the handkerchief, revealing a small handgun.

Her heart began to beat rapidly, and though she started to sweat a little, her grip on the gun was tight. She took aim at the door, Hannah was roughly the same height, so it wouldn't be hard to get her. She heard a knock at the door, and answered, telling Hannah to come in. As she did, she froze.


"Keep walking… get in here, and close the door." Honey commanded. Shocked, Hannah did as she was told. Once the door was closed, Hannah held up her hands.

"Please… don't do this to me Honey. This isn't you!"

"How would you know? You are nothing but a traitor. You betrayed me, and now you will pay the price." Honey fired the gun once, hitting Hannah square in the head, killing her instantly. Her face etched with fear, she slumped to the floor, her blood seeping into the carpet. Honey stood exactly where she was, a tear down her cheek.

She blinked, and knew that she had to hurry. Putting the gun down, she dragged Hannah's body through the room, and into a backroom. Walking back to the front room, she could see the trail of blood, and panicked. She took up the carpet, pulling at it as hard as she could, moving the sofa back and forth as she needed to.

Underneath, a wood floor sat, old but still in good condition. Honey knew she couldn't do any more in this room. She would have to find another, but not the backroom. And she would have to sort out Hannah too at some point. Or maybe leave her there.

"Wont be long until Caleb gets here… that son of a bitch…" she growled, checking her gun. She still had five bullets left. Perfect, one each for them… and one left. It was all she would need, in theory. She wasn't sure what she would do if she missed anyone, she hadn't brought any spares.

As she was contemplating her thoughts, she heard a knock on the door, and that familiar Aussie voice calling her name. She closed the door to the backroom and checked herself for blood spatters, finding none. Good, she thought. At least he wouldn't know. She wouldn't have to worry about him trying to stop her. She quickly ran upstairs to an old bedroom, one of two in the house, and opened a window, making sure he could see her. She gestured to him that the door was open, and upon hearing it, walked slowly downstairs to meet him, leaving the gun just under the cover of the bed.

"Hey Honey. Good to see you again, you look well." Caleb spoke, and for a minute Honey simply looked at him. She remembered well the love she once had for him, and the time they had spent together. She remembered how she had wanted to see him so badly when she was kidknapped, how she wanted to be comforted in his arms. Now, she felt sick to her stomach seeing him, anger, hatred still the running thoughts in her mind.

'It'll be over soon' she thought to herself, and taking a deep breath, she walked forward a little closer to him.

"Hey. I'm fine, you look ok too."

"So what's this all about eh? We've been divorced a year now, and suddenly I get this letter saying you want me to come here and see you?"

"I just thought we could… talk. That's it." She replied

"Talk eh? Alright, we can talk. Honey, you know I don't bear any grudges against you right?"

"Yeah, I know. You wanna go upstairs? It'll be a bit more comfortable for me."

"Uh sure thing." Caleb nodded and followed Honey into the front bedroom, closing the door behind him. He removed his coat, and sat down on the edge of the bed.

"So what do you want to talk about Honey?"

"Oh um… I just wanted to sort things out is all. I didn't want anyone to know about it, you know what would have happened if I'd openly come out and said what I wanted, it would have been full of paparazzi around here. We wouldn't have any time alone."

"That's true enough. So what have you been up to?"

"Oh you know, this and that… just getting myself sorted." She spoke, drawing closer to him.

"Yeah, you said." Caleb smiled. She seemed to be a lot better, friendlier. Maybe she had finally come to terms with everything that had happened. He had missed her so much, and had only gone along with the divorce because it was what she wanted. In the end, he wanted to make her happy.

"I've been going over everything. Going over who I need to talk to. I figured I would talk to you first." She spoke gently now, climbing onto the bed next to him, kneeling. He shuffled back to be level with her. She pushed him down playfully, making sure he landed away from where the gun was hidden. She was glad of the thick duvet, able to hide it so easily. Caleb looked shocked, then extremely happy as Honey perched herself above him, sitting straddled across him.

"I thought we could make up…" she purred, leaning down to stroke his cheek. Caleb closed his eyes and grinned. Honey reached under the duvet, making sure that Caleb couldn't see what she was doing, then putting the gun near the side of his head.

"I loved you… you bastard…" she whispered, pulling the trigger just as he opened his eyes. Honey started to shake a little. Two down, three to go, but now she was starting to become unsure of herself. She couldn't use this bedroom anymore, she knew that much. Luckily she had pointed it at the side of his head, and hadn't gotten covered. No spats either this time. She knew she had been lucky twice now, and that she was pushing it from now on.

She closed the door behind her, and tried to steady herself. She took deep breaths, walking down the stairs slowly, since she was still shaking. She kept going over everything in her mind, everything that had happened. She found herself starting to wonder if this was the right way. Quickly she shook her head and reassured herself she was right to do what she was doing. They deserved it, for abandoning her.

"I'm doing the right thing… I'm doing the right thing…" she chanted to herself, walking around the lounge. She decided now was the time to start disposing. She walked out the front of the house, and round to the back, finding a shovel in the shed, and picking a spot near it to start digging. She would only need to hide them for the time being, make room inside was all. She started digging, and after not too long had a shallow hole just long enough. She knew it would be found easily enough by anyone who walked into the garden through the house, but she didn't care. She wouldn't be around when they did.

Dirty and sweaty, Honey froze as she heard two cars pull up one after another. She knew Hannah's Diablo was still out the front, she hadn't bothered to move it. And now she didn't have time to move Hannah either. She peeked around the shed to see Andrew and River walking together, their respective cars next to each other.

"Shit!" honey exclaimed under her breath, brushing herself down as fast as she could and walking through the back of the house, carefully avoid the growing pool of Hannah's blood on the backroom floor. She ran upstairs to fetch the gun, and ran back down just as Andrew and River walked through the door. Immediately they spotted the gun in her hand, and turned away to run.

Honey panicked and fired the gun twice, hitting River but missing Andrew. He stopped to pick up the fallen River, who was still breathing, bleeding from her shoulder. He was met with the business end of Honey's gun to the back of his head.

"Pleas Honey… don't… don't do it… I thought you wanted to talk?"

"Why would I want to talk to a bunch of ignorant lowlifes like you? You left me to die, and now I'm going to kill you." Honey snarled as she spoke, not moving the gun, but keeping her eye on the drowsy River.

"Where's Hannah?" Andrew asked. He needed to know, though his gut instincts already told him.

"She's in the back. Caleb's upstairs." Honey replied simply. Andrew's eyes began to tear, and he didn't even try to stop them falling down his cheeks as River passed out, slumped against the closed door. Honey knew she wouldn't have enough now. She'd used four, but only two were dead, and Andrew hadn't been touched so far. Looking down at River, she knew the blood loss would kill her providing she was left alone.

"Andrew… stand up slowly, and then turn around. I Want you to walk away from River, and stand in the corner. You can choose to face me or face the corner, either way it doesn't matter.

Andrew did as he was told, moving as slow as he could to the corner, and turning to face her, his big brown eyes pleading with her to stop. For a moment, Honey looked back into them, and knew he was scared. For the first time, she registered the fear in his eyes, and recognised how he felt. But he knew what had happened now, and she couldn't let him leave.

"You… you can live… but you mustn't say a word. Not a thing. You just stand in the corner until I'm finished, and I'll let you go. Ok?"

"But River…"

Honey looked back at her sister, the woman with whom she shared blood, unconscious and helpless on the floor, slumped now against the wall.

"River's as good as dead. I can't help her now. And I can't waste any more of these. Andrew, I only have two left, and it's only just enough. Don't you understand?"

"No, Honey I don't understand! You've killed two people, three if River goes, you're planning on killing two more?"

"This is revenge Andrew." She replied simply, lowering the gun and looking back at River, who had stopped breathing.

"No, River!" Andrew shouted, realising he could do nothing for her now.

"She had to go. And so did they. But, if you keep quiet and say there… I promise, you can go after. I wont make you watch. But you have to stay silent, and stay still, got it?" Honey looked back to him, and lowered her arm to her side. Her eyes pleaded with him to do as she said. He nodded, crying, and Honey turned away from him. She walked forward a few paces, and heard him shuffle behind her.

Turning around, she found herself face to face with him, and quickly they began to struggle, Andrew grabbing the gun as best he could and trying to wrench it from her tight grip, twisting and turning. Honey pulled back, feeling her fingers losing their grip, and pulled on the trigger. They both stood for a second, stunned, before Andrew staggered backwards, clutching his stomach. Honey dropped the gun and tried to catch him as he fell, failing, and falling to her knees next to him as he hit the floor.

"Oh God… Andrew… you stupid son of a bitch!"


"I'm so sorry… I didn't want to… not you… you understood, so I wanted to save you… I was going to let you leave you idiot! Why'd you have to do that? Why?" Honey screamed, crying hard.

"Because… I love you… I always have, and I couldn't… let you carry… on…" he gasped, trying to smile, but flinching with pain.

"You stupid idiot… only one more, just one more… you could have lived… Andrew I don't know how to fix this…"

"You can't, I'm done for… please… Honey I've loved you for years… just tell me you love me too and I'll forgive you…"

"I-I can't! Andrew I never felt that way I just… you don't deserve this… I looked into your eyes and knew you felt what I had… that was enough…"

"Please… I'm dying Honey…"

"No… please hold on…"

"Please…" he coughed, spitting blood.

"Andrew I… I…" Honey forced herself to look at him, propping him up on her lap as she kneeled, holding his head in her arms.


"Andrew… I love you too…" she whispered between sobs. Andrew smiled, and closed his eyes, his breathing slowing and eventually stopping. Honey cried hard, realising she had just killed the one person she should have talked to in the first place, her best friend. His revelation had hit her hard, and she put her head to his chest, continuing to cry as hard as her lungs would allow her.

She stayed there a while, eventually the crying slowed to sobs, and then to sniffles, Honey's eyes red and bloodshot. She picked him up as best she could and dragged him to the sofa, laying him there and sitting on the floor near him, stroking his cheek. She heard another car pull up, and didn't move for a minute, waiting for another knock on the door. It came all too soon.

Honey picked up her gun, with one bullet left, and stood facing the door. There was only one left to go, and she knew roughly what height he was. Aiming about where his head would be, she waited for the door to open, and Rayne to come in. She stood, with tears down her cheeks, her arm outstretched,.

"Whoa… I get the wrong place?" Rayne asked, seeing Andrew and River both motionless.

"No Rayne, you didn't. What, you don't remember what I look like?"

"Geez Honey I… what did you do?"

"How fucking thick ARE you? I'm not even going to bother wasting any more time with you." Honey growled, moving closer and pulling the trigger for the final time. She missed his head, and instead got him in the throat, spraying blood everywhere, and soaking her. Rayne spluttered and fell to the floor. Honey threw the gun at him before realising she had no way out of this now. She'd used the last on Rayne, and now she was left, in a house full of bodies.

"Shit! Shit shit shit… now what… think Honey think… think think think." She began to panic, looking around her for a way out. She walked into the back rom, and searched through all the drawers, finding a knife in one of them.

"Aha… ok, I can do this… then I'll be rid of it all forever…" Honey took it, and pointed it to her abdomen. But then she froze. She couldn't do it. Voices in her head screamed, shouting encouragement, and at the same time screaming at her not to do it. She dropped the knife, tears running down her cheeks. She couldn't do it. She couldn't kill herself.

She looked at Hannah, lying motionless by her feet, and began to cry. Then she closed Hannah's eyes and left her, walking into the room to see Rayne, River and Andrew, all the same. She fell to her knees again and cried for hours before finally realising it was going to get late soon. She found her cell, and dialled 999.

"Emergency services, which service do you require?"

"Police please…" she asked, her voice wobbling.

"Ok, I'll put you through." The female operator spoke calmly, allowing Honey to talk to the next one swiftly.

"How can I help?"

"I've killed five people… please, you need to come here, I can't do it, I can't end this!" Honey cried.

"Where are you?"

"I don't know… I only know it by sight… please, I can tell you the route, just please come…"

"Ok, tell us the route…" the operator waited as Honey described the route to her. Once she was done, Honey clipped her cell shut and left it on the side, walking out the front, to a pair of swings in the front yard.

Sitting on them, she felt the energy drain out of her. Now, all she had to do was wait for it to end.

The red-haired girl swung listlessly on the swings, not making too much effort to keep herself in motion, but still not stopping all the same. Her bloodied shirt was dry now, she had been sat there waiting all this time. She knew they would find her eventually, but still she sat, contemplating the last few days of her life. It should have been a normal few days, much like anyone else's, but for one reason or another, things had gone wrong as they sometimes did. Only this time things had gotten out of control.

She felt her shirt, now crisp with dried blood, a tear making it's mark in the crimson red of what had been a white shirt. Her jeans had been covered too, spatters of blood painted across the faded blue denim like a child's painting of an explosion. They were ruined, as was her life now. She wondered why she had remained behind after the incident, why she hadn't faced death with the others. Her red hair flopped over her shoulders as she kept her head hung down, a few tears escaping from her sapphire eyes, some remaining on the lens of her black, thin-rimmed glasses.

In the distance the sound of sirens could be heard. They were getting closer, but she didn't run. There would have been no point. She probably could have gotten away, but they would have found her in the end. No, it was better to be found now and face what had happened instead of running away. That would only make things worse. As the sirens stopped and the blue flashing lights came to a rest near her, she stopped the swing and stood up, not bothering to brush the hair out of her face. Without being asked, she walked towards the car and allowed herself to be seated in the back. She could hear what was being said, but it didn't matter. She didn't have to listen to know what they were saying to her.

The siren flared up again as the car moved off, swung round to face the direction it had come from and sped off, alarming a few unwary drivers on the other side of the road.

She was ok now, it was all over. What had been done would never go away, but she once they were in that building it wouldn't matter. She would recite the incident, and matters would be taken care of. Through the glass window she could see that it had begun to rain, the clouds a soft grey, covering the sky like a soft downy blanket. A sense of serenity ran through the girl. It was finally over.

The End.