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She let the warm rain drench her hair and roll down her face as she walked, to joyful to care that she was getting soaked. With Persephone's happiness the Olympian gardens had sprung to life. Not to the glories they had been before her engagement to Kail, but their present state was definitely an improvement on the masses of scorched dirt they had been only the night before.

"Persephone!" said a male voice from one of the garden terraces, Persephone spun around at the voice.

Kail stood there, dressed in new clothes of red silk adorned with gold. No wonder half of the goddesses on Olympus flirted with him. Well, they could have him, for all Persephone cared. Her beloved's heart was true and, unlike the man in front of her he cared for her happiness over his own.

"You best get out of the rain, Kail, silk doesn't tolerate rain well". Persephone hissed turning her back on her unwanted fiancé.

He seized her from behind pinning her arms to her sides as he turned her to face him. Their eyes locked, Persephone's blood turned cold at the desire flashing Kail's eyes. She would have screamed bloody murder, had Kail's mouth not covered her own, putting an end to her cry of protest but, not her anger.

"What is wrong my love?" The god of wind asked resentment tainting the words, which from another's lips would have been filled with the most honest and heartfelt concern, not poorly concealed fury at the one to whom they spoke.

"You certainly enjoyed it last night when, he kissed you". He laughed.

Persephone's eyes flashed with green fire. "Last night I was in the arms of the man I love. A man who loves me enough to deny himself the gratification of a simple touch, in order to protect me from YOU!" She retorted pushing him away.

"You only need protection from me Little Imp when you anger me!"

The sound of Hades' pet name for her on Kail's lips made her skin crawl. Then her scream reverberated around the garden as Kail's bonds preformed their purpose. The pain was gone as soon as it had come, fading to a dull throbbing. Somewhere, during the moment of torture Persephone had ended up on her knees. Kail loomed over her, a mix of concern and triumph on his face.

"Monster!" Persephone hissed rising to her feet in a fiery of rage.

Kail was momentarily taken aback at the power surging from her body. His awe lasted only for a second before he began to laugh. "A monster am I? My dear, I assure you I take no pleasure in this. I have told you before that if you –"

"SUBMIT to you, you would not harm me, I remember!" She yelled. "Kail can't you understand that the very act of submission would pain me more than any of the tortures you have put me through in the last two months?" She gazed at him hoping to see a shadow of the boy of her childhood, to only find the man of her here and now, hard gaze meeting her's.

"That could change Persephone!" He said falling to his knees in front of her.

"Kail!" Persephone sighed. "My heart is spoken for, my friend, what you desire of me I can never give."

"What I desire of you I can easily take but, it is far sweeter given willingly". He growled angrily raising from his groveling.

"So, is that what you've become? I would have thought you better then the man who sired you!" She spat.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Kail exploded with rage as he shoved her to the ground.

Persephone glared at him as he towered over her. She knew what could happen now, but if he touched her Hades would get his vengeance on him sooner then anyone ever expected. "It shouldn't surprise you you've been on this road ever since you drew a sword against me in the Glade!" She hissed from where she lay completely vulnerable to him.

Kail laughed a half crazed laugh she had once feared would come from Hades' lips. "It was a path I chose my dear! A path to give me not only a bride—"

"A bird in a cage of your own design you mean!"

"Perhaps, however, with the lovely little dove you are comes the place on Olympus I deserve." He smiled down at her.

Kail pulled her to her feet forcing their lips to meet. Persephone spit in his face as she pulled away.

Kail simply whipped the spit from his face as he glided past her.

"You have a month my love, then you are mine. Until then I will be away preparing a cage of the finest gold for my little dove." He whispered in her ear as he walked away.

She listened to his footsteps retreat waiting for them to disappear. When they faded she ran from the garden. A bird in a cage she may be but, she was not a peaceful dove, no she had claws with which to tear and a beak with which to bite and it was high time she used them. Let him go away and burry himself in his newly gained status. She had a month, plenty of time for Hades' queen to wage war on the wind if not Olympus itself. For she had been given the power over the seasons as the Goddess of Spring but it was now time for another to take that place.

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