you gaze ahead as salmon pink
melts into a serene mint green
in ways that you never thought possible.
beams of light poke through tufty clouds
it's beautiful
and you suddenly feel so sorry.

seams of seaweed hold together mostly empty budweiser cans
and the carcass of a horseshoe crab
strewn stones and shells
decorating this mural
that is oh so modern art
with a sweet hint of monet.

a beach bird cries out
in rhythm with a coming wave
which slaps mightily at encroaching land.
it sighs breezily as it pulls back
taking a part of you with it
and this is fine, you decide.

because never is new york city as perfect
as now.

a.n. for a close friend of mine who's going to college in two weeks. :sad: i'll miss her.