Notes: Welcome to the second Toshiro/Keith story! For the moment, I'll just leave this to your imagination (grin) but normal narration will be resumed shortly... The chapters will get longer again as well.

Section 1 – Discovery

"You like that, don't you?"


"What about this?"


"I think this is going to be fun. We should get you some more stuff, like a collar. You'd like that, wouldn't you?"


"You're a kinky bastard, you know that? Not that I mind."


"Can you actually speak?"

"Not when you keep doing that."

"Oh? You want me to stop?"


"You want me to do something else?"




"You really get off on this, don't you? What about this?"

"…What are you doing?"

"Just…there. How's that?"

"Eh, it's…OK. Nothing special. I don't mind it."

"Ha! You're in trouble now, 'cause I like it."

"…I like that you like it."

"I thought you'd say that."

"Mmm. Can we stop talking now?"

"Heh. If you insist…"