Notes: Well, here's the last section in this little story. Hope you liked it! There will be plenty more stories with these characters in the future (They basically write for themselves!), although nothing really as long as the first one. So, until next time!

Section 3 – Compromise

"See you tomorrow, Mrs Green!" Mei called as she was leaving the classroom.

"One moment, Mei?" the teacher asked, motioning for her to return. Curious, Mei walked over to her teacher.

"What is it, Mrs Green?" Mrs Green sighed.

"Is everything all right at home, Mei? You didn't seem as happy today." Mei hung her head.

"On Saturday, some people came. They were nice, but they wanted to take me away from Nii-chan and Nii-san. They said that Nii-chan was bad for me. I was just thinking about that. I would not like to leave." The teacher suddenly felt ashamed. She was the cause of Mei's recent sadness.

"I'm sure they won't, Mei," she reassured the girl. "I hope they've seen that your brother is a good person." Mei smiled.

"Yes, Nii-chan is a good person. Is that all, Mrs Green?" Silently, the teacher nodded, and Mei left. Maybe it was best to leave her where she was. After all, she was very happy there.