Scholarships…it's what we all seek for. We join clubs, contests, and everything else that we can think of just for one. How many of us will actually get one, though?

I've thought about this sometimes, but I never did in a serious way, well not until today. Some people might join writing and drawing contests to get a scholarship, but what happens to the people who don't get it?

Some can have a great future but maybe because they cant get a scholarship they cant get into college. Is it really right that some people cant get real education needed for their dreams, just because they're not rich?

I realize that most people do get scholarships and they're really proud of it, but really, what of others? The others that are smart and artistic but poor. Have you ever looked at a homeless person and thought that could have been you if you hadn't gotten that scholarship, if you hadn't gotten into that certain college? I admit I haven't but it's really possible. Maybe the person started a good business and then it crashed because he didn't learn something in college, a college that he didn't have enough money for.

So let me ask you, what's your future going to be like? What college do you need to go to, to get the best teachers for that future of yours? Lastly, can you really do it without a scholarship?

A/N: Reviews are welcomed. Flames are also welcomed (I laugh at them!). Oh, and just wondering how are you all trying to get a scholarship? Help needed with that because I have no clue. I mean, I still have a long time to think about it, but whatever.