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Chapter One

"Today's forecast is partly cloudy with a high of 93 degrees and a heat index of 101...we'll be back after a few messages from our sponsors. CHEAP CAR WASHES!"

I hit the radio switch. I have these crazy cool settings where I can either wake up to a buzzer, a song, or the lovely John Dahyson! You can fall in love with him just by hearing his voice on the radio each morning. My mom always joked and would say that she would end up marrying John before I'd ever learn her secret recipe for her blueberry muffins. I just know one of these days I'm going to figure it out, John Dahyson or no John Dahyson. My mom and dad split up before I even learned how to say goodbye. He sends letters on my birthday, well at least the years he remembers to. Nothing much in the cards except a smiley face or a twenty dollar check every three or four years. My mom tells me that she kept a picture of him in our family album in her closet. Every holiday she brings the album out and year after year I refuse to look. It's not that I don't want to see him, I'm just disappointed in him. Perhaps I try to picture him as a John Dahyson.

"Claire?" Mom yelled up. She was climbing the stairs to wake me up, I just new it. "Claire, sweetie, are you up yet?"

"Yeah I'm up. I'll be down in a couple minutes..."

I guess I can get a little grumpy in the morning, just a little. Even though it's summer i've been trying to wake earlier, exercise, and not spend too much time online. I tried running for about a week but it didn't help because I wouldn't be able to finish the two miles and if I did I would eat up all the calories I burned with a little friend called mint chocolate chip. When I turned seventeen my mom encouraged me to get a job so I took the one at the Sugar Shack downtown. I mainly dealt with the cash register and rarely scooped peoples ice cream unless it was really busy that day. God I hate those crazy hot days!

Today I started my day on a high note. I woke up early, heard the lovely voiced John and had half a slice of toast for breakfast. Can't eat too many calories, I got a figure to maintain! I know I'm only seventeen but I was one of those kids that started school early so I graduated from high school this past spring. I decided to go to a local college but take a year off so I could get some extra cash for my books. Since it's just mother and I, we don't have all the money in the world. We have enough to manage but not enough to spoil our selves. My mom owns her own restaurant, Fargo's. She has hundreds of secret recipes which most of them I've figured out or am close to solving. It's the most popular restaurant in town. Dahyson has even dined there.

My mom and dad got married at age 21. Actually let me correct that. My dad gave my mom a promise ring at age nineteen, disappeared for two years, came back got married in Vegas, made me, and left again. The sad part of this all is that my mom still wears this promise ring. It's not even that pretty. It has a tiny clementine colored stone and looks as if she is wearing two silver rings. I've reminded her about it every time he sends me something. I know she listens to me but she always says: "Claire, I believe in all promises...plus i've gotten used to wearing it."

I always respond the same as well "April, mother, mommy, you know I love you more than anything but he doesn't know the meaning of a promise. If he did he would be here right now and it looks hideous unless you wear those old holy peach socks."

I've noticed that she always leaks out a giggle, but obviously doesn't mean it. She knows he is never going to come back but like she says, she believes. Which is stronger than any truth. This year since I will be at home more often I'm going to do some serious man finding for April. I'll find her a dreamy Johnny all for herself. Oh god, What am I getting myself into...


"Hope your having a wonderful Monday morning. It's currently seven thirty-five and your listening to Ohio's number one radio station, thanks for tuning in. This is Jay Porten and I'm filling in for Mr. Dahyson this week."

"MOM! Did you hear what was just on the radio? I had to turn it off cause it wasn't him." I stomped down the steps to find my mom attempting to make eggs sunny side up. "Mom is something going on, you know I don't eat eggs that way."

"Yes I heard Miss Porten on the radio this morning. I am making the eggs for myself, do I have to do everything for you these days? Your going to work anyway so you don't even have enough time for breakfast."

I quickly got dressed and walked out the door without another word. I had no idea what was bugging her. She hated eggs, maybe she was just working on another idea for her menu and it wasn't turning out right. That would explain the eggs and the snappy attitude. I decided it wasn't worth pondering upon all day so I walked a little faster and watched the cracks on the sidewalk. Before I new it I made it to the Sugar Shack. I was even five minutes early, that's a change for me I usually showed up approximately fifteen minutes late. The day started off very slowly. Everything reminded me of my mom. She's pretty much my best friend, she is always acting my age, borrowing shoes or skirts, sometimes walking around with slippers and a "blanky". She tells me everything. But something is not right, I just know it.

Once the clock hit 2:30 Grace Hightnith came in and took my place for the day. She was my best friend besides my mom because she actually talked to me. I know that sounds funny but I always kept to myself until I met Grace. She's always getting me to go out and bowl with her and meet new people. Just last week she introduced me to this guy named Jack. He was weird. Anyway, she noticed I was upset so all I said was "Get on Adium around ten tonight." Adium was a type of instant messenger that allowed me to be on many accounts at once. "I should be online." Gracie just nodded and smiled, I knew she was only trying to make me feel better. On my walk home I was staring at the ground and accidentally ran into someone.

"Oh my, sorry I was trying not to step on the cracks and I didn't even..." I stuttered. This boy just stared at my blankly. I bet he was wondering why someone my age would be avoiding the cracks in the sidewalk.

"See me?" He chuckled. He had this strange way of carrying himself. He was slightly under six feet tall and had brown eyes, rich like coffee and dark hair.

"I'm sorry that I, um, you know?" I just couldn't talk that day. I'm sure he thought I had problems...

"Ha, your fine. I'm Dwayne Curtis. Friends Call me Dwayne, fans call me Curtis." He said. You could obviously tell that he loved to entertain people or at least make them smile. I was smiling ear to ear.

"I'm Claire Creek. Family and friends call me Claire, Frogs love me. Ha ha." Why did I say that? We talked for about thirty minutes and hit it off right away. He was twenty years old and was attending Wooster College but was in findlay, my home town, to visit friends and family. I then saw his watch and realized I'd been talking to him for so long. I practically jumped. "Oh shoot. I promised a neighbor that I would baby-sit for her son and I'm supposed to be there in ten minutes. I'm so sorry, nice meeting you. Bye!"

That night I was so fried in thoughts that I didn't get online to tell Gracie about my day. All I could think about was Dwayne Curtis. I can't believe I just walked away. What if I never see him again? I wouldn't be walking on Grape Boulevard any time soon. I only go that way if I'm going to baby-sit for Logan. If I walked that way home I'd end up walking an extra three miles and have to walk past the creepy whistling construction workers. Gross! Once I got into bed I leaned to my right and switched my alarm setting to song that way I didn't have to wake up to the oh so chipper Jay Porten. I fell asleep at about four in the morning which wasn't good because I had to wake up three and a half hours later. I needed to get up and make it to work by 8:30. I didn't want to loose my job. Not at all.

"I tried to be perfect, But nothing was worth it, I don't believe it makes me real. I'd thought it'd be easy, But no on believes me. I meant all the things that I said. If you believe it's in my soul I'd say all the words that I know, Just to see if it would show. That I'm trying to let you know. That I'm better off on my own..." My alarm blasted a Sum 41 song, my favorite band. Once I realized that the music was my alarm I quickly got up.

I like Sum 41, seems like no one in findlay has ever heard of them though. I listen to mostly Rock and some Alternative. Lots of the people in my neighborhood liked whatever was on the popular radio station. I didn't even attempt to listen to that crap.

As I made my way down the stairs I hoped that today would turn out better than yesterday. Getting dressed and ready seemed somewhat difficult today so I decided to wear mostly baggy clothing yet leaving room for creativity. Bright yellow shirt, dark blue shorts and blue flip flops. I tried to leave the house before my mom noticed me. She saw me, I don't think she didn't want to deal with me that morning. I wouldn't want to deal with me either. I had so many questions to ask her.

Just as I was leaving the phone began to ring. Oh great, I didn't have to work today. A whole day with the mother. Endless silence, what joy! As I started to turn back and go inside April met me at the door and told me that the Sugar Shack was closed this morning that way they could clean the floors, windows, and do some remodeling. Right when I got inside I got online. It was about 8 am so only a few people were online. None of which I talk to, at all. But Gracie signed on about five minutes later and started talking to me. She was the reason I got Adium Messenger, I guess you could say she is the only one I really talk to... Pretty sad, eh?

GracieFacieseesu : Claire, are you there? Hellos?

GracieFacieseesu : I heard the news. Well, Mr. S. told me, and a couple of people at the Sugar Shack last night. Is that why you weren't online?

ClaireBear76 : Oh hey! Sorry didn't see that you were talking.

ClaireBear76 : What news?

GracieFacieseesu : You know...

ClaireBear76 : Grace, I obviously have no idea what your talking about. If I did I wouldn't be asking you "What News?"

GracieFacieseesu : About your dad coming into town this weekend. Didn't your mom tell you he called? She told my mom and I guess Mr. Shelk as well.

"ClaireBear76 has signed off as of 9:21:39 am"

"Mom?" I yelled. I was so angry with her for not telling me.

"So you've heard...I'm sorry I didn't tell you. Your father is coming in this weekend and needed a place to stay this weekend and..." I immediately cut her off.

"He isn't my father. When has he been a part of my life? There's a Holiday Inn only two miles away from here!" I couldn't believe she was actually considering letting a man who shattered her heart stay with us. "I can't believe your going to let him stay at our house. If he's going to be here, I'm not."

She just gave me a tearful look and said: "Your right Claire, he could stay at the hotel but I already offered for him to stay here."

"He's going to ruin our lives...again."

I turned my back to her and went up stairs. I packed everything I needed. Laptop, shirts, socks, shorts, extra pair of shoes, et cetera. I didn't go back downstairs because I knew that she would have stopped me. My mom, being one of the safety freaks of Ohio put a rope ladder out from my window in case of a fire years ago. I threw it down and began to climb. I was headed to Wooster Ohio.

Since my computer has a wireless internet card inside, I made a stop at The Chai Hut, the local coffee cafe. They let customers sit and work as long as they needed. I quickly bout an Oregon Chai Latte and sat down. I pulled up a map of Ohio and got decent directions from Findlay to Wooster. Although it was over 100 miles away I was determined to make it. I was already on Center Street so all I had to do was catch the next bus to Main Street and take the Train past Lincoln Highway. It was about noon and I hadn't eaten anything all day so I bought some barbecue chips on the train. In a very muffly voice the conductor made an announcment. We were almost to Madison Avenue. "Attention passengers, we will be coming to a stop in approximately two minutes. Please remain seated as we pull in. Please note that this is the last stop. Everyone must exit." The train conductor boomed. It was kind of hard to understand him with all the passengers chatting so loudly in every direction.

Once the train came to a stop I remained seated. I was in a hurry, but I didn't have a destination besides Wooster. I didn't even realize why I wanted to be there until i stepped off the train and there he was. He must have been on the same Train on his way back to school. I yelled over to him. "Curtis! Dwayne!"

He looked my way and started to crack up. "So I have a fan, a friend, and a stalker all in one."

I managed to smile. I began explaining what happened and that I needed a vacation. I failed to mention coming to Wooster to see him.

"How about you stay a week or so. I don't start school for another ten days and I'd love some company." He said.

He must have actually meant that. "Oh, well, sure. Why not? I'd love to. I'm not going back home for a week anyway. You wouldn't mind showing me around, would you?"

"Not at all, Claire."

He remembered my name. Well actually saw my name on my backpack. It was one of those bags from PB Teen where you could get your name embroidered in it. Lets just pretend he remembered my name.

We walked just a couple blocks when we finally arrived at his apartment. Well i guess it was one of those apartment complexes for college students, not a dorm, an apartment complex. Trust me on this one. He lived on the main floor in room six. The best part was that his roommate was in Russia studying abroad. In other word that meant I had my very own room to stay in.

"Hey, can I use your computer for a minute?" I asked.

"What? Ha, of course you can. Go ahead it's in the back room." He said with a facetious tone.

"Oh, thanks." I said. Maybe he thought I had leukemia because of how often I blushed. But then again he might think I liked him, no probably not. I don't like him by the way. I went into the back room and shut the door. He wasn't signed on so I entered my name and password. About a second after logging on Grace messaged me.

GracieFacieseesu : Where are you Claire?

ClaireBear76 : Just out of town. Does it really matter?

GracieFacieseesu : Yes! But hang on my mom needs the computer.

I waited for a couple minutes and Gracie signed back on. I new she was going to keep asking me where I was until I told her.

GracieFacieseesu : Claire?

ClaireBear76 : Yeah...?

GracieFacieseesu : Where are you? Who are you staying with?

ClaireBear76 : Since I know your never going to leave me alone until I tell you... I am in Wooster staying at the Wooster College AC with a friend.

GracieFacieseesu : Wooster College Air Conditioning?

ClaireBear76 : No... Apartment Complex, dweeb. I picked up a prepaid phone before I left. My number is 333-2211. Can you come see me tomorrow?

GracieFacieseesu : Where and when?

ClaireBear76 : The Madison Avenue stop. Take the train, its cheap and quick. I'll be waiting for the train to come in at about noon. Does that work?

GracieFacieseesu : I'll be there:D

I signed off without saying goodbye. I didn't want to deal with Grace any longer. I didn't want to meet with her but I did want to know if I still had a job at the Sugar Shack or if my "dad" had arrived yet. The one thing I dreaded was her ratting me out and my mom coming to get me. I turned off the computer hoping that Curtis didn't need it any more that night and I walked into his room. He was reading a book called Welcome to the Monkey House. I giggled at the title but quickly stopped, not knowing it's content. I asked him if he wanted to get some dinner. He just nodded. You could tell he was very tired because he talked less than normal and his eyes drooped down. This didn't make him look bad at all. He had a very charming presence and with those tired eyes, well he looked like a puppy or another adorably cute critter, like little kid cute. I don't like him, seriously.

I woke up to clinking metal pans. At first I was thought the noise was someone dropping a spoon on the floor, but it was Curtis attempting to make breakfast. I thought this was a kind gesture. Even though it was after 10:30 breakfast sounded good. I didn't realize I was still in my pajamas while I walked into the kitchen until he said: "Nice, you like cookies I'm guessing."

"What?" I asked. My face must have looked like a bug splattered on a cars windshield by then.

"Cookie Monster pajamas..."

"Oh, right. I forgot to get dressed. Ha."

"I think its cute..."

He said I looked cute. I can't believe it. Maybe he likes me. Wouldn't matter though because I don't like him. So ha! I ate part of a waffle and headed back to my room. I completely forgot about meeting Grace until my cell phone starting to ring.

"Who would call you?" Dwayne said with a little smirk. I could have strangled him right there.

"Oh it was probably Grace. I gave her my number last night. I am meeting her at the train station at noon. Want to come?"

"Yeah, I should be more social. So why not?" I just laughed at him. Even though he wasn't trying to be funny he always seemed to make me laugh. I think that's a good thing. "If we are going to meet her at noon we have to leave in fifteen minutes."

"Okay, sounds good."

I grabbed my purse, cell phone, and some mints out of my bag. I have no idea why I brought them with me. I don't have some infatuation with them. Not at all. I actually hate peppermints. Spearmint is okay if I am in a minty mood. "Claire?" Dwayne Curtis kept on saying my name over and over again. I guess I zoned out and wasn't paying any attention. "We have to go if you want to make it there on time." He tried to pretend that I never zoned out but you could tell he was laughing with his eyes. You could see reflections of the floor lamp in his eyes. I leaned in and he gently kissed me on the forehead. I don't know if he was aiming for my forehead or if it was just because I was about five inches shorter than him. He grabbed my hand and we walked out the door without saying a single word to each other. I thought I didn't like him. I don't like him. I really don't know...

We managed to get to the train station a couple of minutes early. The lady at the front desk said the train was delayed and wouldn't be in for awhile but the gift shop and cafe would be open. Dwayne and I sat down and started talking about Grace. I told him how I was pretty quiet and didn't have too many friends until I met her. I was about to tell him about my mom and the promise ring she still wore to this very day, but my phone interrupted me as it started to ring. I didn't recognize the number so I handed it to Dwayne. "Hello...Who is this?...Who?" He turned to me and whispered "Claire, do you know a Jason Creek?"

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