Elf School

Translated to English by: Nerbane Oaktree and Gabrielle Thomas

Chapter 1: Trouble

Nerbane and Nahhan knew they were in for another lecture the moment they scurried out of the darkening gloom of the forest and spotted a horse waiting outside their home. Nerbane set her jaw grimly, as one who goes to her own funeral.

"But maybe it's not Arbnond's," Nahhan tried. "It could be Ritto who stopped by. You know how they love to chat."

Nerbane remained quiet.

"It probably is Ritto. He hasn't stopped by at all lately, haven't you noticed? I'm positive that's who it is."

But despite all Nahhan's attempts, they could only admit the one possibility. They were in deep trouble, like a horse that had two legs broken.

As they drew closer to the cottage, Nahhan quieted. It was obvious now that it was Arbnond's horse; the sign of Tara showed dimly in the dark from the horse's shoulder, as only Elven paint could.

"Maybe Ritto's horse is at the doctor's," Nahhan tried one last time, "and he's borrowing Arbnond's. Anyone would be glad to loan their horse to Ritto."

But both knew that was highly improbable. Careful now not to step in the window patches of light, they crept up to the door.

"It's closed," Nerbane said dumbly, staring at the wooden door.

"That means trouble," Nahhan gulped.

"…Or it means that the mosquitoes were bothering them," Nerbane tried hopefully, but there were no mosquitoes around the cottage.

"Could we listen at a window?" Nahhan suggested.

"That's much riskier." Nerbane hesitated, biting her lip. "But we'll have to try. We can't stay by the door, at any rate, without knowing when he's leaving." She looked sternly at Nahhan. "You must remember to keep very still and quiet, and whatever you do, don't be too high from the ground!"

"I'm not as stupid as last time, Nerbane!" Nahhan protested loudly.

Her older sister shushed her quickly. "Just don't forget. I don't want to be punished for eavesdropping again."

"Neither do I!"

"Alright, come on." Nerbane crouched close to the ground as she said these words, and made her way cautiously behind the bush to the window, Nahhan following her. But they didn't get a chance to eavesdrop beneath the window before the front door opened.

"Well, thanks for stopping by and letting us know, even if it is late," their father's voice said.

"I'm getting very weary of these visits, Keim." Nahhan tried to hit her forehead, but Nerbane stopped her. It was undoubtedly Arbnond's voice. "I will not tolerate this again. Control your daughters, or I will speak to Ritto about it."

Keim sighed. "I understand, Arbnond. My wife and I shall make sure this never happens again. Again, please accept our apologies."

"Just control them. Neither of us want the other alternative."

"Yes, Arbnond. You are too generous to extend to them and to us this much mercy."

The girls could hear Arbnond gracefully alight upon his horse at this point.

"May there always be shade for you to sit under." Kiem sounded weary. There was no response from Arbnond, only the sound of the horse trotting away, and then the sound of the door closing. Nerbane and Nahhan looked at each other.

"I wonder what the alternative is?" Nerbane wondered. But Nahhan was silent in fear. Older Elven children always teased the younger children about the horrible things that would happen if they misbehaved, none of which were exactly true. Nerbane would have been nervous about it, too, but was far too curious, and at this moment her mind was thinking of ways to find out just what it was without letting on that she had eavesdropped.

"Nerbane?" The younger finally whispered.

"Yes?" Nerbane responded distractedly, before she was able to disengage from her thoughts. "Oh, Nahhan. What are you doing out here still? You need to come inside and get it over with, and then eat some supper, and then to bed!"

"Um, Nerbane?" Nahhan asked, bewildered.

"What? …Oh, I'm outside, too. I'd forgotten."

And indeed Nerbane had. It so happened, as often does for an imaginative young Elf, that as her mind pondered how to learn what she wanted to know, it took on the form of conversations, and images of what would happen, to the point of Nerbane's having thought she had already gone inside and had entered into conversation with her mother.

But the girls now crept back to the door, and, opening it, headed inside, both remembering their growling stomachs, and, due to their hunger, forgetting the trouble they were in.


This story is completely original, based on games that my sister and best friends (and I) played while we were little. Just a fun story, really. The chapters may get longer, but I don't plan on it being a serious novel or anything like that. As for this chapter, I know it's really short, nothing much gets explained at all (and only a few references to their being Elves are made), but more will be explained in the next chapter - like what Arbnond was complaining about.

The main character names were created by one of my best friends, Tori. (Her alias on this website is Flamed, but as far as I know she hasn't gotten on in a long time.) The rest of the names I developed using the same method she used so long ago.

And I apologize for the "lameness" of the name. I think that it is rather fitting, as will be seen as the story progesses, but undoubtedly, before I finish it, I'll think of something better. :o)

I think that's it. I hope you enjoy the story! Oh, and if you read it, please take two seconds to write out a review, at least letting me know that you read it. That would be nice. :oD