November 6th

Time: 6:23

Hi, it's me, Leigh Steinbeck. Wow, I cannot believe I'm even writing in you. Who knew that I'd use some tattered old journal that I found in the attic? Your cover is torn up, the corners are worn and it looks as if someone marinated your pages in their urine. I like you, though. You have this old ancient feeling to you, as if someone long ago has written in you before. But that's ridiculous, isn't it? All your pages are blank. Since I might as well make the most of this journal-writing experience, I think I'll name you Jane. I know, I know! What kind of weirdo names their journal anyway? I might as well be tied up and thrown in an asylum. Alright then, Jane! Here are some vital facts that you should know about me before I bare my soul in your privates.

Name: Leigh Steinbeck

Age: 15 going on 16 on February 6th!

Horoscope Sign: Aquarius

My Description: 5'6 with long and layered brown hair and brown eyes to match. Poopy colors, is what I call them. Blue reminds me of oceans and seas, green reminds me of freshly cut grass…but what does brown remind me of? Boring old poop.

Dream: To become a veterinarian

Family Members & their Descriptions:

River (Dad): A regular kidder. He really is the coolest dad on the planet, but once he starts laughing, he never stops- literally. The whole family could be held at gunpoint and he'd still be laughing and cracking some joke. Oh, and once he starts talking he never shuts up, either. My dad works as a surgeon at Oakland Hills Hospital. It is a miracle how he never wounded up killing at least one of his patients on accident.

Joan (Mom): She's practically the boss of the fam, the only serious one. Without her, our family would fall apart. She whips us into shape. But don't get me wrong, she isn't like the terminator or anything. She's just a Grade-A worrier, is all. Everything is cool though because my dad brings out the child in her and always makes her laugh. She's works as a pediatrician in the same building as my dad.

Jen (Older sister): The spitting image of my mother. Fortunately for her, she has inherited the green eyes and dirty blonde hair, unlike me, whose all brown like my dad. At age 23, she's studying to become a dermatologist and has a big-shot boyfriend whos's majoring in law at Harvard. Perfect, huh?

Choco (Dog): He got his name due to my unhealthy obsession with chocolate. One of my best friends, Choco is one feisty golden retriever!

Best Friends: Rae Daniels (She's gorgeous) and Adrian Bellami! (BTW, I love having a gay-guy best friend; they have the best fashion sense!)

Boyfriend: Derrick Hunter- the Greek God, the Jude Law of today! The hottest 11th grader asked me out over the summer, can you believe it?? The official date was August 12th. For our two-month anniversary he made me a necklace with his guitar pick as a charm! I already planned our future out…Leigh Hunter…sigh…

Secret Obsession: Jude Law, Mother Nature's gift to the females of this world…

Favorite Food: M&M's (Yes, I know this doesn't really categorize as a food, but eh, what the heck- I'm addicted to them.)

Least Favorite Food: Anything that was once alive. I'm a vegetarian and am proud of it! I also dislike nuts, I'm allergic to them.

Pet Peeve: Fake people and lying! I can't stand neither of them! Arghhh…

Favorite TV Show: Three's Company! I watch that show almost everyday and have all the DVD's! Call me a freak, but I absolutely ADORE that show.

Ok, I think I just crippled my hand from writing so much and I think I better stop. Derrick is picking me up in a half an hour and we're going to the movies to see Volcanoes Gone Wild!

I'll write in you tomorrow if I'm not too lazy. Goodnight, Jane!



PS. LoveLeigh…get it? LOVELY? That's Derrick's nickname for me! GEEZ, I WANT HIM RIGHT NOW!