November 10th

Time: 9:52

Hey, Jane

I didn't do much today. Rae and Adrian treated me to caramel mocha cappuccinos today at the Petite Café, my favorite! Afterwards, we went to the mall and had a shopping spree at Anthropologie. I bought a new coat and some cute shirts. (Total, $225) The whole time Rae and Adrian kept trashing Derrick. They don't like him for some reason. They don't trust him and when asked why, this was their excuse: because Derrick has beady eyes like a rat. Oh, yeah. That proves a lot, right?

Anywho, everything was going along fine until I bumped into my arch nemesis Elise. She puts the hor in horrible. I'm not even kidding you. She's a cheerleader and slept with every jock in the school- except MY jock, Derrick. She was sucking up to me like crazy today.

Oh, yes, I forgot to tell you about Elise, right? She totally lacks it in the brain department. Let me give you a little preview of the conversations we used to have:

Elise: Hey, look, I've found donut seeds!

Me: (Peers at her palm) They aren't donut seeds.

Elise: What are they then, smart one?

Me: Cheerios.

I rest my case.

As if her being nice to me wasn't weird enough, here's another thing that's strange. Ever since that night Derrick and I went to the movies, we haven't hung out since. It seems as if he's avoiding me at school. I try to corner him and start up a conversation but he seems oddly distant, blaming it on his stress concerning academics- he has to maintain above a 2.0 to stay on the football team. True, he's not that smart, but still. He could have spared at least a minute of his day to talk to me, or at least call me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not one of those clingy, pathetic girls who latch onto their boyfriends like leeches. And I don't go suicidal when my boyfriend doesn't call me every five seconds. I pity those girls. But something is a little off between Derrick and me. I feel restless, uncomfortable. Paranoia major! Perhaps I shouldn't be reading into the fact that every time I call and he does pick up, he always gives me the same lame old excuse: he's studying.

You know, I would believe him. I really would. I mean, what's so harmless about a little studying right? Except I always hear a girl's giggle right before he hangs up.

It's probably just his friend, or something. My boyfriend is, after all, entitled to having female friends. I just can't wait until our three-month anniversary! Only two days away! He says he has a surprise for me and I can't wait.

PS. My sister's boyfriend, Duke, just proposed to her! Woo-hoo! I like Duke. It's just that whenever he visits the family and sees me, he doesn't just look at me, he stares. But there's that paranoia settling in again!She's coming back home in a week to plan out her engagement party. The fam is ecstatic!

Can't wait till then!