Taking Risks In Crushes

Songs are rare from me, so any that are written can be used by other people (just remember to mention I wrote it!). Lol. This one's about a girl and her crush and how she takes the risk. Enjoy :)

- - -

She sees him watching her,

Skin glowing like butter,

And blue eyes sparkling too,

Fluttering her lashes, she

Stalks past self-consciously,

Resisting saying I love you true.

- - -

She's just a girl,

In her own world,

Waiting for romance to come and play...

- - -


A girl so lost in her crush, she doesn't give up,

Slaps on make-up and does one hundred sit-ups,

Got to look beautiful and get him to ask her out,

Practice the smiles, winks and cute little dimpled pouts.

She sits in front of the mirror, a frown on her face,

Her hair straightened and shiny, just to her taste,

Come out little kitty, it's finally time to play,

Romance is ticking just a couple of seconds away...

- - -

She watches him appraise her,

Doesn't let him faze her,

She's got it all packed and under control,

He grins and her heart does

A back flip and then speeds up

As he reaches out and touches her soul.

- - -

Later on, they huddle

And she knows they can cuddle,

'Cause it was a crush but she took the risk,

She got what she wanted,

And Fate had been taunted,

Another crush added to her list.

- - -

A girl so lost in her love, she keeps looking good,

They got to know each other as much as they could,

Besides the looks, there were lots of other things,

That brought their hearts closer, so now she sings...

- - -

She's just a girl,

In her own world,

Waiting for romance to come and play...

- - -