Soldier: Hero or Killer?

No offence meant by this. Just a moment of pondering :)

- - -

Awarded medals and trophies,

Certificates of recognition,

He put his life on the line,

Undertook each mission.

Obeyed all the orders,

From his supervisors,

Killed and assassinated,

Political risers.

Paid to keep his mouth shut,

Never question anything,

Supposed to be a robot,

Accept each and everything.

Never let his conscience,

Speak before a job,

Kept actions careening,

Never let them stop.

Got lots of work to do,

He's told to do this and that,

A human soldier converted

To a robotic-killing track.

Footsteps like a ghost,

Mind carefully kept blank,

Seeking relief in alcohol,

Limbs left hanging lank.

He's supposed to be a hero,

Or that's what the media says,

Perhaps he's just confused,

Growing old in younger days.

He carries out his tasks,

Nothing shaking his composure,

But inside, he is burning with

The deception of being a Soldier.