You Are Unique

Okay, a lesson for all the insecure people (kindly don't point that I am one of those insecure people, LOL). Read this it...learn from it...and for a moment believe these words...after that, REVIEW!

(The Angel in me is thinking I am so cruel to my reviewers LOL)

- - -

Gaze in the mirror,

At your reflection,

Praise the creator,

Praise perfection.

For you are,

So very unique,

In your own way,

You brighten the week.

It may be looks,

Or personality,

Smiling at people,

Or giving to charity.

Helping others,

Or being good,

A tiny display

To act as you should.

You may be quiet,

Or really loud,

But always believe,

And have no doubt.

You should persevere,

In what you seek,

Know in your heart

That you are unique.