Drowning In A Cursed Addiction

Ever done something, knowing it's not good for you, but unable to resist it? Guess that could apply to drugs and ciggarettes...but for me, it's something else.:( review plz?

- - -

"Five things," he says,

"Just five things to improve,

And you will have success

And anything in the world you choose."

I look at him with a smile,

Hoping to make it a joke,

But the smile falters halfway,

And I feel like I will choke.

Choke on the deception,

The cruel irony in me,

Look like I'm Miss-Perfection,

But no one knows what's inside me.

I know it's wrong,

And that it will destroy me,

Backfire the friendships,

And then just toy with me.

Bring it all crashing down,

And even then, I will cling,

Like a drowning sailor, I will pray

And grieve for everything.

Torn between this life and that,

Addicted to a curse,

I live the moment, slowly dying,

Waiting for what comes first.