Never Ending Story

One day I was walking down the street coming home from school when I saw this dark shadow lurking behind a building. I couldn't see what it was so I started chasing it in a dark alleyway behind the building. Just up ahead I see the end of the alleyway and the dark figure just stopped for it had ran out of places to run. I didn't chase it anymore I just watched what it would do. It just stood there still; it was like it was frozen. I started slowly walking up to it but I promptly stopped because I saw a giant chocolate brownie. I picked it up and turned around. I totally forgot what I was doing. I just started walking home eating the chocolate brownie and before I knew it I was in front of my house. I walked though the front door and no one was there so finished the chocolate brownie, and went into the kitchen to wash my hands. While washing my hands I heard a noise outside my house. I turned off the kitchen light so I could look out the window and see out of it clearly. I didn't see anything but I heard the noise again.

"Boom!"...the noise repeated itself over and over again. I started to panic. I rushed to the phone to call for help... the phone didn't work!! I followed the phone line… It had been cut. The noise was getting louder. It was coming from inside the house!! I turned around and looked up the stairs... Something was up there. My mind raced with questions of what the noise might be I didn't want to go up the stairs but my curiosity overruled my fear. I creped up the stairs as quiet as possible. When I got up to the top I quickly looked around and didn't see anything unusual but my light was on. I had turned it off before I left.

"Mom?" I asked thinking and hoping she was there. But she wasn't. Suddenly my light turned off. I knew something had to be in my room... Something human? I ran into my mom's room and grabbed the bat that was beside her bed. I walked out of the room and oh my god I couldn't believe my eyes something ran right pass me down the stairs. I dropped the bat and I ran down the stairs after it. Then all of a sudden I tripped and fell down all the stairs... I saw the front door open. Perhaps it left? I sat on the stairs thinking what it might have been but I was clueless. All of a sudden a felt something grab my shoulder. Frighten with fear I Jumped and turn to see what it was… It was my mom. She looked and asked

"Are you okay?" I didn't respond. I looked around and said

"I'm okay I'm going to go outside to walk around for a bit." … Maybe I could find whatever it was that was following me. I ran outside before my mom could ask if I was hungry and I laid down in the grass. All was peaceful until my cell phone rang. It was my boyfriend. He told me that he wanted to break up with me. I started sobbing and ran into the bathroom. I sat down in the shower stall and turned the knob. Water was out. Then black matter started oozing out of the showerhead. I grabbed a razor and I heard my mom knock on the bathroom door. She asked me what happened to the phone line. I turned off the water and told her.

"I don't know what happened, but the shower oozing black stuff." She ignored my smart remark and walked off. I looked at the razor in my hand and decided to put it away. I called up my friend on my cellular and asked if I could come over so I could tell her about the break up and the weird thing following me. She said sure so ran out of the bathroom and hugged my mom. I told her I would be back before dinner and started walking down the street to my friend's house.

When I got there she was dead I didn't understand what happened I just walked in and she was dead on the floor blood all around her I just started crying and crying then I checked her pulse. She was alive! But barely. I prayed to god that she'd make it. A few minutes later her eyes twitched open. She asked me what had happened and I told her that I didn't know, but then, I saw something shadowy leaving the door and I called 911 to get my friend help. Then I walked out the door and looked around... whatever I was it wasn't outside. Then I thought for a second... It would go to my house and attack my MOM!!

I ran down the street quickly as possible. I could see my house door was closed but the window... It had been broken... Something was in my house! I ran to open the door... It was locked. I heard my mom scream and I found another brownie squished against the broken window...whoever or whatever it was leaving behind a trail of brownies. I ate it, and then carried on into the house looking for something to defend myself. I grabbed the nearest thing to me which was a broom and headed towards mom's room. As I got ready to open her door something jumped out at me I screamed in fright and fell to the ground, but now it was gone I ran inside to see if my mom was alright she was just badly hurt so I called 911 for her hoping the ambulance would come soon I ran back to check on my friend and when I got their she was gone nothing but a trail of blood left behind I followed it but then it disappeared, I had no clue where this monster had taken her. I ran back to my house and I tried 911 again.

They said that my mom, Lisa Morley, was dead, even though I was looking at her as they told me this. They said that she had been dead for 5 years. She'd died of cancer. I hung up, and then I heard a sound behind me. I spun around and I was hit in the head with something hard... Very hard I was knocked out.

This story is not all written by me... Never Ending Story I started and was added on by members in are club in Poems-and-Quotes. In this chapter I wanted to thank ◊•°ﮜңдй°•◊, bEyOnDhElP, Hilarydead and dyingMiSuNdErS, Raychel, Vino for helping me along with Never Ending Story in this chapter.