Backing January

She told me her water bottle was filled with Kool-Aid - I thought I was being a good friend and believed her.

I suggested we go down to the library, because she'd mentioned before that she liked it there - she agreed to go, even though she didn't really want to.

I read all the books she reccomended me in a desperate effort to relate - she suggested I read them because she thought I'd like them, even though she herself hadn't.

She poured out her water bottle onto the snow outside the library doors, bright red liquid turning dull and pink as it sank into the snow (it had been snowing and snowing, all afternoon). It was spiked with vodka; she'd thought I'd know, and would realize this meant she was quitting for me.

Oh, and imagine this! I frowned, hands stuffed in my pockets and told her, "Isn't that a waste?"