By Lady Glass

Author's Note: Okay, so this is the final chapter of Coco and your last chance to tell me if you want me to complete the sequel I've been casually working on for a few weeks. I may or may not write it but your opinion is still important because if no one wants it I might not bother...But anyway, so this is the final chapter and I hope you have enjoyed the story. Thank you for your ever-present reviews Singing After Dark, I promise to look at some of your poetry very soon! And thanks to my sister!

Much love and big kisses,
Lady Glass


Maybe if Totem and I had been more careful, we could have saved Coco too. Maybe if I had just kept a more careful eye on her she wouldn't be gone. Maybe eventually she would know how I loved her, how I couldn't even admit it to myself until she was gone. But I know it's a lie. Max was her whole world and I know now I'm not meant to be a part of it.

Totem and I are Esmeralda's godparents, we agreed to take her in if anything ever happened to Max or Coco. I hope they did what they did remembering who was taking their daughter. Knowing it would be Totem and I taking in Esmeralda, giving her a room to sleep in.

She doesn't really remember them, but Totem and I show her their pictures and tell her the stories of her mother and her father. We tell her that they didn't want to leave her. We tell her that they died in a car accident. She doesn't have to know that Max was hanging by a rope and Coco was holding an empty bottle that used to hold pills.

Her parents are Max, who was strong and handsome and cool and smart and mysterious and used to want so much in life, and Coco who was beautiful and sweet and fresh and unique and amazing and named after a designer. But Max wasn't strong enough and Coco's amazing, sweet, fresh, beautiful light faded too quickly.

But I'll be stronger than Max and I'll protect Coco's memory and I'll live for Totem and Esmeralda.