Whispers on the Wind

They say that one day

the fighting will come to an end

that the bombs'll stop dropping

and we'll all become friends

They say that eveyone

has a true love waiting

that they'll get married, have children,

and there'll be no more hating

And then there's the most

ridiculous one yet

that everyone will be happy

sorry, but our misery's been set!

And I just can't see how these

things are possible, no matter how hard I try

how can we stop fighting, stop hating,

and why?

Peace, love, and happiness

are not for those who have sinned

they're a child's naive lies

only whispers on the wind.

AN: Life gets boring in school when you ace everything, so I write poems. Lots of them. I just don't post them as soon as I write them, that's all.

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