your name

i can't choke back the imperfections any longer when each day,
i'm shown another reason why i'm not perfect (enough for you
even with scars lining my wrists) because i'm reminded of what
i had to deal with when i needed you the most but you left nothing
but (tangible) silence in the air. if you won't accept me like this
then i must be doing something wrong. you don't even understand
all of what i'm going through so what makes myself think that you
believe me when i say that you make me bleed? i could give you
proof if you want it. your name may be fading from skin but i could
carve it in again if that's what it takes to show you all of what's
left of me (because the first scars weren't enough for you to want
to help me stop). but if it takes me six-feet under then maybe you'll
realize you should have done something quicker (but this isn't a
guilt trip, hun, so don't worry). i only want you to see me for me.

(i promise i'll stop bleeding once you show me how much i
(never) mean(t) a thing to you. but to retaliate, you broke
promises, so why can't i? oh goodness, wait, you can't
possibly want to show me because you forgot. how silly
of me to think that you once cared about my bleeding).