Chapter Two

"Hey," he said with a smile. He stepped in, hands in the pockets of his jeans (which looked great on him) and looked around the room.

"Oh, you must be Brandon," my mom said, coming into the room. She gave him a quick once over and smiled, extending her hand. "I'm Mrs. Smithers. Darling, he is so handsome," she added to me. They shook hands and I checked my need to run out of the room.

"Hi, nice to meet you, Mrs. Smithers. I can see where your daughters get their looks." Mom giggled, practically swooning. "Thanks for letting me take your daughter out for dinner."

"Yes, yes, just make sure you're back by midnight."

"Of course,"

Behind mom, June came down the stairs, rolling her eyes at mom. "Hey Brandon.," she said.

"Hey," he said nodding at her. "You going to the Mathews'?"


"Okay," I said. "Let's go before dad comes home and decides that this is the night he wants to practice his interrogation skills." I grabbed my purse, said goodnight to my mom, and just before I left, saw June mouth 'call me if you bail.'

His car was pretty nice - a black Nissan sedan. Inside the car, it was quiet.

I tried to make conversation, so I asked, "Where are we going?"

"You ever had French cuisine?"


"Good. Me neither." Brandon looked at me and smiled. Turning back to the road, he jerked his to flip his long bangs away form his eyes. "You look really cute. That's a nice shade of blue."

I blushed, looking at my shirt then out the window. "Thanks."

He took an exit off the highway, down a long road where I could see little kids dressed up for the holidays, and turned into a center, and parked.

As I started to unbuckle, he said, "Stay." I watched curiously as he walked around to my side of the car, opened the door for me and offered me his hand.

"Aw, you are so cute," I said, stepping out. He closed the door and slipped an arm around my waist.

"I try." We stepped inside the restaurant and as he dealt with he host, I looked around. The restaurant was small but cozy. Little tables were placed about three feet from each other and in the back, the bigger tables were set up. Renaissance music played lightly form invisible speakers. The hostess guided us to a table towards a corner gave us menu's and told us our server would be with us in a moment. I took a look at the beverage sections and settled on a Sprite, then looked at Brandon. He smiled.

"So gorgeous, what's going on?"

"You mean since you saw me four hours ago?" I teased. "Not much. How come you didn't want to go to Matt's party? Aren't you guys tight?"

"Yeah, but there'll always be Halloween parties. No big."

"Excuse me. Hi, I'm Sarah. I'll be your server tonight. What would you guys like to drink?" A brunette woman who neither looked nor sounded French in her late twenties looked down at us warmly.

"Bonjour." Brandon said. "Can we get two Sprites, sil vous plait?"

She smiled warmly at him. "Sure. I'll be right back with that."

Brandon turned back to me. "I bet those are the only things you know how to say in French, right?" I joked.

"That and a couple of swear words, yeah." He retorted. He flipped his bangs again.

"If your hair annoys you, why don't you cut it? Doesn't it get in the way when you're running?" I asked.

"It doesn't annoy me. And I usually wear a bandana or something when I do track. Besides, I'm incredibly insecure about my forehead," he added mock-seriously.

I tilted my head. "Why? It's not like, huge or anything."

"That's what you think."

"Here you go." the waitress said, putting our drinks down in font of us. "I'll be back to get your order in five, okay?"

"Sure," I said, then turned back to Brandon. "Shall we order?" We opened our menus and began to scan over the foods. Seeing as neither of us knew much French, we couldn't help cracking up when we tried to pronounce some of the words. When we ordered. We barely knew what we were getting.

The short wait for our food was filled with conversation about little things and random facts. When our food finally arrived (and there was a lot of it) neither of us was really sure where to begin.

"Let's start with the escargot," I suggested. That's was one thing I knew. We picked up our forks and poked at the shells apprehensively. I began to dig the meat out of the shell then looked at it. Brandon did the same. Before I could chicken out, I stuffed it in my mouth and began to chew slowly. "Mmm," I exclaimed. Brandon was nodding his head, chewing. We both swallowed at the same time and laughed.

"Taste like chicken," he voiced.

The rest of the dinner passed like that, with us trying out the new foods, deciding whether we liked them ore not. The whole affair was lots of fun, seeing as it was both of our first time. By the time Sarah, our waitress, came to ask if we were ready for dessert, we had to decline due to full stomachs.

Back in the car, I thanked Brandon. "That was really good."

"Oh the night's not over yet, gorgeous," he informed me.

"What?" I asked, surprised.

"Oh yeah. It's barely nine and I still have one more place to show you." He grinned at me sideways. "Unless you're already tired of me?"

"You read my mind," I teased.

He put one hand over his chest and let out and indignant breath. "You're wounding my ego here, Kyra. Seriously."

"Then I'm doing my job."

He laughed good-naturedly and turned onto a small, dark road that looked like it could barely fit two lanes. From the sound of it, we were driving over small stones. There were tall tress on either side of the road, and the car got darker.

"Where are we?" I asked nervously.

We pulled into a clearing, and the headlights revealed around eight other cars parked. "It's a little Halloween thing I heard about. It should be fun." He checked his watch as we got out of the car. "Good. Five minutes to spare." We walked further into the clearing, and he put his hands around my waist. I did the same. Just as I was beginning to question where we were going, something came into a sight.

A couple yards away was what looked like a large pick-up truck. Two or three flashlights were on, illuminating the silhouettes of people sitting in the bed or the truck. They must have heard our steps on the stones (which by the way were not exactly easy to move across on the shoes I was wearing) because someone called out.

"Who's there?"

"Yo, Tony!" Brandon yelled. "I'm coming!" we walked the last few feet to the truck and saw a guy who looked just our age standing up on the truck. In the dim light, the only thing I could make out was shaggy straw colored hair and

a tall figure.

"Ha! Brandon man, I though you had chickened out on me. We were like, ten seconds away from leaving." Tony held out his hand to me, and realizing he was going to help me up onto the bed, I took it and pushed myself up. "Oh, you must be Kyra. Hey, girl." I smiled. Tony obviously had a very friendly personality. "How's my man been treating ya, huh? Not too bad, I hope."

Brandon jumped up onto the truck in one swift movement. He did one of those complicated handshakes things with Tony that made my dizzy. We proceeded to say hello to more of the people on the truck, some whom I recognized, some I didn't.

"Okay, is everybody ready?" There was a murmur of agreement, and Tony hit the cab of the truck and sat down while we began to move forward.

"What is this?" I asked, sitting next to Brandon.

"Only the scariest supernatural experience of your life," Tony said with a smirk.

"Say what?"

"Oh yeah, there's this farm type place that's totally haunted, man, I'm not even joking."

Brandon nodded in agreement. "This is my first time, but I've heard things. Tony does it every Halloween and comes back scared crap-less."

"Hey, shut up man," Tony scoffed.

The car stopped soon after that, and we all jumped off one after another, murmuring excitedly. In the distance was a farmhouse, its large door slightly open, and a small house next to it. Our group hushed dramatically upon seeing it, and Tony and whomever else had been driving stood in front of us.

"Okay guys, seriously, know that your going in here of your own accord, and neither me nor James here are responsible for anything that happens to y'all. Anything that you see, well…yeah." He trailed off. "But if anything happens, we're meeting back here at ten thirty and not waiting more than five minutes for anybody."

The man next to him, James, hitched the rope he had on his arm, checked that the flashlight was on, and grunted.

We stepped into the barn and looked around. I stood close to Brandon, because while I didn't necessarily believe in ghosts, I wanted to be safe in such a dark place. "Nothing happening, " I voiced after several minutes of just milling around.

"Yeah, let's keep moving," Tony directed, and we moved deeper into the barn. Something rustled above us, and heads snapped up automatically. Another rustle, this time to the left of us.

"What's that?" some girl questioned.

"Probably a rat," James said, turning around. Then he screamed. We all looked at where he was looking, in the general direction of where we had entered, but saw nothing. Then I noticed the large shadow on the floor. It took me a second to realize that it had to belong to someone, yet there was no one there. The shadow kept getting bigger, and just before it reached James, he took off. Others were soon to follow.

Brandon took my hand and we began to run the in general f direction of everyone else, and I again cursed myself for wearing high heels. Screams were erupting from everywhere around us, and people would suddenly stop and turn around. We bumped into Tony and he motioned for us to follow him. Together we found the door that lead from the barn to the house. While Tony and Brandon tried to get it opened, I looked around me. Most people had found places to hide or were trying to make their way out of the barn. Just as a guy made it to the entrance of the barn it shut in his face. He swore loudly and looked around.

Tony finally got the door open Brandon took me inside. "Come on!" Tony yelled into the barn. "Come on, you guys!" People ran through the door quickly, stopping just inside the house. Everyone was out of breath, clutching their sides or hands on their knees.

"Freaking hell, man," some guys said. I recognized him a senior from Football. "What is this place?"


Close to forty-five minutes later, we had all gathered back in the bed of James' truck, considerably quieter than before, and were heading back.

"So, whadja think, eh?" Tony asked smiling.

"That it was probably the scariest night of my life." I answered truthfully.

In the house, instead of making our way out, we had ventured even further in. Our group had gone upstairs and searched through rooms, and while there were no evil shadows, there were plenty of times I saw things I wasn't too sure about.

A girl, Michelle, and knocked over a dusty glass vase and sworn the dirt had formed a face-like shape before disappearing. I didn't know what to make of that, especially when I had seen a something white and shimmery every time I passed a mirror. Whenever I had tried to look closer, there had been nothing, but there was a bad feeling in the back of my throat. And it wasn't just Michelle and me. Everyone had his or her own scare stories.

"Oh dear," Tony joked. "Brandon, you traumatize the girl on your first date. So much for that path."

As Brandon and Tony talked, I carried on my own conversation with girl form my science class who had come with the senior football player. When we had arrived back by the lot, I said goodbye to her and several other people, telling them I'd see them tomorrow, and Tony winked at me as I walked away with Brandon.

We walked quietly back to the car with his arm around my waist. Just as I was about to break away to go the passenger's side, he pulled me in front of him. "Kyra…" he began, looking down at me. His long bangs fell over his forehead, reaching for his eyes, which were quite blue at the moment, even in the dark. "That wasn't too much, was it? The barn and everything?"

I gave a small smile and shook my head. "No, I think this is the funnest date I've ever been on," I told him sincerely. While I had been scared for the past hour, it was a fun experience for me.

"Funnest?" he asked teasingly.

"Yeah, and don't make fun of my grammar." He smiled and leant forward. The moment his lips touched mine, my cellular phone went off in my pocket, vibrating, and I jumped back. I fished it out and looked at the screen that was flashing CANDY. I looked at it, frustrated. Candy wouldn't ruin my date for no good reason, and she knew I wasn't home yet.

I gave Bandon an apologetic look as I flipped the phone open and said, "Yeah?"

"Kay? OhmiGod, you have to get here as soon as possible." Candy sounded out of breath and scared. There was tons of noise in the background, and she had to yell for me to hear. "Kay, I'm sorry but get her now. Tell Brandon to drop you."

"Wait, wait. What's going on? Candy, tell me!"

"There's been an accident. Kyra. At Tee Road just before the highway intersection. Please hurry. I have to go." She hung up and I looked at Brandon.

"What the heck's going on?" he asked, taking a step closer to me.

My voice was grim when I answered, "Something's happened."


Twenty minutes later, the car finally slowed. I had told Brandon what Candy had said on the way there, and he was pushing the speed limit the entire way, shooting questions which I didn't know the answer to.

The blue and red lights of the police and ambulance cars were flashing around, and a crowd of maybe ten people crowed around something. As Brandon and I stepped out of the car, I saw Candy and Sam rushing towards me. Candy looked grim and Sam had dark streaks on her cheeks.

"Oh, Kyra, " she sobbed, hugging me. "Kyra, I'm so sorry."

"What is it?" I said, hugging back.

She pulled away and looked me in the eyes. "Your sister…" she couldn't finish.

I looked to Candy, who was practically swaying on her feet. She shook her head and whispered, "She didn't make it."

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