Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, is a psychological condition that causes an overwhelming fear of social situations that require interacting with or performing in front of others -webmd.


I've spent my whole day in bed again
Because I tried to stay alive all night
I swore on my soul I'd be a better friend
But lucky for me
That doesn't place the bar very high

No, I know
This is so very old
But, I am in this rut you see
Where my game of being souless
Has just completely backfired on me

There's a party
There's a wedding
There's a graduation day
There are gatherings and services
And is your sadness
Getting in the way?
Forget your family
You've no friendships
You've got darkness and songs
Your sadness will work its way
Into your heart as one black love

I've spent my whole night feeling coursing blood
Because again I've overdosed the caffeine
I've finally resolved to sleep it off
When I'm hit
With insomnia and I can't dream

No, I know
How old this is
But, reproduced angst is still angst to me
Never think of me as genuine
And we will both be able to sleep


I woke up this morning and I
I shut out the light
4 hours of sleep and I should
Be ready
To work all night

I feel a heavy gaze
As I'm pushed towards your closed gates
It's not procrastinating
It's knowing, I'll never be good enough

Chorus (x2)