To Hell And Back: Reprise

These days they seem too dark,
I fear they'll never end.
I'm lost within my thoughts,
My soul will never mend.

Woe is me in this dark hour,
Blood runs cold, my soul devoured.
Turning from my soul beliefs,
Nothing left but pain and grief.

Forever trapped in endless shame,
I lost my soul, and I'm to blame.
To Hell and back I take my ride,
Until my grief and pain subside.

Those days are done and said,
Those wounds will never heal.
My mind and thoughts are dead,
My soul no longer real.

My spirit old and gray,
I miss what once was mine.
But I can't look away,
Or turn to glance behind.

Forever trapped; my soul betrayed,
My joy subsides, my thoughts delay.
To Hell and Back I take my ride,
To grief, to pain, my suicide...

My days are spent alone,
In burning pain I cry.
In hell my soul remains,
For souls can never die.

Haunted by my stolen life,
In darkness I am falling.
Turning in undying strife,
I hear the voices calling.

Forever trapped, in speechless fear,
Dying more with every tear.
To Hell and back I take my ride,
Until back home, my soul resides.