My Inspiration
25 August 2006
12:03 A.M.

You are my Inspiration.
You are who I strive to be.
I watch you at work
And I see the passion in your eyes
You are in love with what you do
Molding and sculpting young minds
I look up to you
With more respect and admiration
Than you could ever know.
When I look to my future
I see myself in your position,
Successful and happy and passionate
Making a difference in the world
Inspiring young people
To do their level best.
As I have watched you,
I have learned what it means
To make a difference
Because you have caused a change in me.
You are who I look up to.
Teaching is not easy
But when I look into your eyes
And see the passion there,
I see the rewards.
You are My Inspiration.