Somewhat of a collab track done with a now retired fellow rapper. Another one of those battle oriented tracks so expect puns, metaphors, similes, etc. Done over the Megahertz/ Weathermen beat Rocket Science, hence the similar title. Lyricology on the first verse and Silent Knight on the second verse. And in case any of you start wondering, Lyricology's from Antigua, hence the accent. In other words don't bitch about his voice.

Battling me is a gamble you wanna doubt this?
Forget your money you can put my dick where your mouth is
You try to escape by the skin of ya teeth?
I spit with heat and start skinning you with ya teeth
I start flipping raps easily rip the track
Bust ya balls so I don't mean sleep when I say i'll hit the sack
The sickest cat you don't meet the criteria
Cause you ain't real player (Realplayer) more like windows media
I aim to claim wisdom my name will stay risen
Aim and spray jism with the same insane rhythym
Give you a vasectomy technically as sick as leprosy with this recipe
You wanna step to me? Bring the referee, boom you're done expectedly
Bring the next emcee in a state of ecstasy, firstly I'm the best emcee
Secondly don't you ever dare try testing me
Crash in monster trucks and you still ain't catching wreck with me
Yo with these flows I'm the rain-maker
Forget punchlines my rhymes are haymakers
Kill you in freestyle no doubt its true
Slice up your writtens now you got your work cut out for you
I rip fools and be ending ya shit
Like kids who skip school you only pretend to be sick
I mangle fools kid you wanna tangle stupid?
My style burns wax you can't hold a candle to it
I'm a rhyme bearer a murderous divine terror
Lyricology is the rap version of chimera
And the Bellerophon was never born so you're forever gone
You call that whack shit your style?, man I call it soft
So when you say you come off the top I just think you mean you're falling off

Silent Knight
It's the return of the master of lyrical expression
Ain't accepting anything less than perfection
Whack emcees I disintegrate em with fire
The moment I entered hell, Satan quit and retired
I'm greatly admired, every line is notable
I'm that rapper armed with nothing but the quotables
Just a fraction of my potent flows will have ya comatose
So imagine what would happen if you had a fuller dose
My rhymes induce a division of spirit and body
So don't even try stepping if your lyrics are shoddy
Quick to crush the opposition, fake emcees I drop and kill them
If you coming off the top it's cause I pushed you off a building
I pack hate for rappers that are mad fake
You only coming raw cause ya style's half baked
You wanna talk shit and I'm fast to blast you
Which whack emcee should I hand this ass to?
I'll drop all you cats, I mangle and smoke fools
If God saw you rap, he'd strangle and choke you
My shit is constructed to deliver concussions
Kick a rhyme? Nah, you only kicking the bucket
Knight will have all opponents quite scared
Shit, the name Silent Knight should be Silent Knightmare
We both going places, I'm sure you can tell
But I'm going the distance, you're going to hell
Silent Knight single handedly wrecking ya crew
I lower what ya fans are expecting of you
It's sheer madness for you to test my status
At a level of my craft where perfect is average
You need to understand that Silent Knight will simply crush you
I'm on a different level, and I mean the one above you
Can't match the Knight, I'm the master of rhymes
Whenever I grab the mic, people randomly die
Simply divine every line I'm spitting
Silent Knight on the mic still alive and kicking