The Good Guys Wear Black

They come, cloaked in dark robes or capes.
It doesn't matter the time, nor the place.
White may look pleasing, but it shows no taste.
The good guys always wear black.

Blue could look interesting,
Orange, to the eyes, creates quite a sting,
Yellow would look like a fool in a circus ring.
So the good guys always wear black.

For sneaking through the night,
One would certainly not choose white,
And green and red plaid would create quite a sight.
So the good guys move soundly in black.

Brown is very dull,
It tends to create a lull,
'Tis better to stare at a ship's hull,
So the good guys look sharp in black.

So whenever evil breaks out,
You be sure to give a shout,
To the ones who of courage are stout,
The good guys, who always wear black.