And what I remember is

the salty air snagging on my hair

and and the smell of peppermint chapstick

that I bought beneath the shadow of

George Washington's profile,

smiling and testing dollar store mood rings.

i was sucking on peanut butter

taffy, but it tasted


because it wasn't

salt water


transpose the scent to

Three Weeks Later and

One Coast Away and

this was me and them (us)

riding yellow bikes

to 27th street

catching snatches of the sunset

on the bay between the houses

in our palms.

we were strung up, strung out

racing towards a dead end

-because that's all the ocean's

ever been to me-

climbing on top of the lifeguard stand

white paint peeling

but still Glowing in the


i can't help but Adore

the sure fire fade of

dusk into dark.