Prologue – It Came From Above

Fred Vernon was driving home when he noticed the lights in the sky. Normally, he would assume they were helicopters or official American Air Force Jets going out for practice. But it was the way they move. Each light was a few kilometres away from the next, but they all moved at the same time. When they moved in a different direction, not even one seemed to hesitate or make a mistake. It was like they were all attached to a gigantic dome hovering above him.

"What the hell is that?" He said to himself, his thick Mississippi accent billowing out of his mouth. He continued to drive down the empty, barren road, still about forty or so kilometres from his hometown. Fred decided to ignore the lights as they passed out of sight over his car. He flicked on the radio and country music flowed into the car and trough his ears, warming him up. He began to sing to the music, taking away his uneasiness. As he neared a petrol station, he looked at the petrol gauge. He was nearly empty. He slowed the car down and pulled up next to one of the pumps. Fred got out of the car and looked around. The place looked deserted, apart from a single light on in the shop and a radio blaring death metal. He walked closer and saw a teenager standing behind the counter. His face was filled with metal, piercing in just about every part of him. Fred undid the cap and placed the pump into the hole then walked into the shop. The kid was too busy reading a magazine and listening to his music to notice Fred walk into the shop.

"Quiet night tonight, isn't it?" Fred asked, stepping forward. The guy looked up, surprised, and then turned his music right down.

"Sorry, didn't hear you arrive." He replied. He put his magazine to the side, a picture of a motorbike on the cover.

"Just the gas and a couple of these." Fred said, getting his wallet out with one hand and grabbing to chocolate bars with the other. Just before Fred laid down the cash, the ground seemed to move. He looked around as the light flickered and the music stopped but the teenager acted as if he didn't notice it.

"Tremors. We get them a lot around here." He replied. He reached out and took the cash and pushed the bars forward. Fred grabbed the chocolate bars and the ground began to rumble again. Things fell off their shelves and the light flickered again. Now the teenager did look worried.

"The fuck is this?" He muttered, looking around. Before the two could say anything, a bright green light shone and they looked outside towards the car. An even stronger green beam was surrounding the car. It was suddenly lifted into the air and disappeared from view. The light went off. The teenager ducked slightly and Fred leapt behind the counter, getting down. There was a bright blue glow as a beam appeared right next to the shop entrance. Shadows flooded over the ground in the new blue light and the fading green. The ground shuddered tremendously and the two both got to the ground as the car was dropped through the roof, smashing into the ground next to the counter where Fred had been standing.

"What the hell is going on?" Fred screamed. His question was answered as he looked up and saw a creature float onto the ground in the blue beam. It looked like a disfigured human. It had two legs, but its knee joints seemed to be reversed. It was hunched forward with a long, curved spine. Its arms were long and it's elbow joints were also reversed, but the way the creature moved its arms, it was double jointed, going both ways. Fred cowered at the sight of its hands, long, sharp claws on five fingers. He didn't look at its head since he decided to hide. The teenager however didn't look scared, he looked angry. He took a peek for a few seconds and stared at the alien.

"Jesus Christ." He growled. The alien looked in their direction. Fred grabbed the guy.

"Don't move." He whispered over the roaring of something outside. The teenager shook him off and reached into an open draw. His hand came out with a six shot revolver in it, a Bull .480.

"No, please. Don't leave me." Fred pleaded. The guy shrugged Fred off and got to his feet. The creature turned and looked at him

"You fucked my store, punk mother fucker!" He yelled, pulling the trigger. The barrel flashed six times as the slugs were fired from the pistol and all slammed into the creature. It reeled back, glowing blue blood spilling onto the ground. Some splashed onto it and seemed to lighten the whole area. The creature looked at itself, then back at the guy. It began to walk forward, its feet crushing cans of food.

"Oh crap." The teenager cursed. He dropped down, reached into the draw and pulled out another six rounds. He emptied the revolver and began to reload. Meanwhile, Fred spent all that time in the corner of the counter, crying. He pictured his family, his wife and his two daughters. The teenager rammed in the last slug and got back up. He looked over the edge, aiming the gun forward.

"SHIT!" He screamed. He began to pull the trigger as the creature leapt forward, both claws in front of it. they all slammed into the teenagers face, killing him instantly. The gun fired and the creature was thrown back over the counter, its claws dragging half the teenagers face off. Fred cried out for God when his face was splattered with dark red blood and glowing blue blood. He held his hands over his eyes, praying that the creature would leave him alone. After a couple of minutes, the place stopped moving and the sound stopped. Everything was silent. Fred opened his eyes and moved his hands away. He slowly got to his feet and saw blue blood everywhere. It led a trail to the door, outside and then stopped.

"Oh god…oh god…" He repeated over and over again, slowly climbing over the counter and moving towards the door. Fred slowly made his way out the door, looking around. The sky was normal, no odd lights in it. Fred began to run towards his car. He opened the door, got in and started it up. He turned the radio on but nothing happened. Then he let go of the wheel and took his foot away from the accelerator.

"OH GOD!" He screamed. He tried to undo his seatbelt but nothing happened. He suddenly remembered vividly that his car had been picked up and destroyed back at the petrol station. He looked behind him to see three bright green eyes staring at him in the darkness. His car seemed to melt away and was replaced with a metal box, coloured nodes flashing. Fred was strapped into a metal seat, which was shaped like his car seat. Before he could scream, he was dead, a claw slowly coming back out from his throat.